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Friday, August 02, 2013

The city has a new 24/7 gym in Khar. Priyanka Singh visits The Red Gym and brings you the highlights

The Red Gym is a 24/7 gym which started based on a unique concept called ‘Twogetherness,’ wherein you can join the gym only if you have a personal trainer. However, they have now embraced flexible policies and also have in-house trainers. This means you can visit the gym anytime you want, but the in-house trainer needs to be informed beforehand. But, if you have a personal trainer, that problem never arises.

However, when we visited the gym, we pointed out to them that there are several fitness clubs that allow people to come in with their own trainers. So, what makes The Red Gym any different? We were told that the membership fee increases drastically at other gyms if you use this facility. But, at The Red Gym, you only pay Rs 3,000 extra per month which is indeed reasonable if you compare the additional charges that other city gyms levy. The gym is 4,500 sq. feet and approximately 60% of their clientele comes accompanied with their trainers.

The first thing that we noticed about The Red Gym was its cleanliness. Even the washrooms were spotless and it’s clear that hygiene tops their list of priorities. They offer fresh toiletries to every member every day — another distinctive aspect — so all that a person needs to come in is their gym attire. The spacious and pleasant smelling washrooms also have an enclosed area for massages. Another highlight of this gym, which we particularly marvelled at, was the idea of having steam inside the shower cubicle. Ideated by owner Sanjeev Singh Chaddha, you can enjoy a steam in your shower area instead of a common steam room. Sanjeev, a fitness enthusiast and Mr. India 2009, used to be quite uncomfortable by the idea of sharing the same steam room and thus, when he decided to set up his own centre, he made sure that his members didn’t have to go through the same.

Another aspect which they make sure of is that the members don’t smell. We asked them what if a member forgot to use deodorant on a particular day. To that we were told that he or she will be given a deodorant and they will be requested to apply it!

The Red Gym is located in Khar (W) and many celebrities such as Ranveer Singh, John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan frequent the gym if they are shooting in the vicinity. Their trainer Ram Chandran also undertakes a fitness program called Transformation wherein a person’s fitness levels and appearance changes drastically within the span of three months. The Red Gym has a Red Café outside the gym, which is also a 24/7 operational outlet offering only healthy food items. If you take up the Transformation program, then your food will be supplied by the café and delivered to you wherever you are.

Overall, The Red Gym stands out because of its Twogetherness program offered at reasonable rates, top class hygiene, the combined steam and shower cubicles and of course, its 24/7 services.

Where Good Building, Guru Gobind Singh Marg, Near Khar railway station, 3rd Road, Khar (W)
Membership Fee Rs 18,000 for a year, Rs 10,000 for six months, Rs 8,000 for three months and Rs 4,000 for one month. Rs 3,000 extra per month to bring in your trainer
Contact 9820204720

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