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Friday, September 14, 2012

Just bought a brand new apartment? Gargi Bansod recommends heading to Prime Luxury Home Store to shop for all your household items

This newly opened store stocks kitchen accessories, cutlery, cleaning equipment, artificial flower arrangements, imported dustbins, stationery and even barbecue grills — you name it and they have it! Enter Prime Luxury Home Store and you will find every possible item that you may need for your house.

Located near the popular Inox Multiplex, you might end up entering the Prime Luxury watch store like we did, so ask the security guard if you get lost. As you enter the store, the first thing you’ll notice is that it isn’t neatly arranged and looks cluttered. There are no isles or specific division for the items. Everything is laid out in front of us on wide table tops. Though we wished that the store was more organised, we were impressed by the wide variety of items available.

The cleaning accessories such as dish and sink cleaning brushes, toilet cleaning brushes and floor mops are hardly as luxurious as the store’s name suggests, but they are no doubt handy. However, their imported laundry baskets and dustbins from Curver are quite stylish and elegant. They even have varied sizes of boxes with designs of cartoon characters and store toys.

Prime Luxury also has a range of silicon bakeware tools and moulds. We loved the chocolate moulds in various shapes and sizes from Silkomart. You’ll also find small tidbits such as keychains, pen stands and notepads to fill every nook and corner of your home.

Where Shop No. 15, Ground floor, CR2 Mall, Inox Multiplex, Nariman Point
Contact 67496968

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