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Pop & Lock It!

Friday, July 31, 2015

If you’re a fan of the pop art movement, you will want to add a few quirky pieces to your home. Something as simple as wall art that has been inspired by this trend can make your décor a lot more fun! Yamini Walia & Purva Indulkar bring you some helpful insights

Pop culture is steadily on the rise, and from blogposts to online news, it’s slowly seeping into our lives — and our homes! This has given rise to pop art décor, with iconic pop culture images sweeping through interior design catalogues. If you’re not quite sure how to get started, take a look at our guide, which will help you discover a style that suits you best.

The eclectic medium that is pop art is creative, colourful, and can improve your design aesthetic. Pop art interiors are inspired by artistic expression, celebrity worship and omnipresent advertisements. And, it’s a style that can be easily personalised — whether you want to go all out with an electric blue living room or keep it subtle with just a few eye-catching accessories, it’s your call!

Exposed-brick walls
There’s just something about the combination of exposed walls and art that emanates a classic vibe. Boldly-coloured walls can be an eye-sore if you put art on them, while brick walls have a warm, more natural look. These walls have a rustic charm, and are also the perfect canvases to display a collection of newspaper clippings or posters of vintage advertisements.

Posters have transformed from being used to cover up cracks on the walls of a lazy collegian’s dorm room to winning a prestigious spot in the Pop Art Hall of Fame (yes, we just made that up!). Prominently display a poster of your favourite superhero or stick a cut-out of a product advertisement on your walls to embrace your grungier side.

Bright colours
When it comes to trying a theme as explosive as pop art, you need to be careful about the colour combinations that you select. Pick a daring tangerine sofa, for example, and make it the centre of your living room. Design the rest of your interiors around this one item. If that’s too pronounced for your taste, choose a neutral-coloured sofa, but throw on neon pillows for a more youthful look. You can use bright colours to infuse pop art into your décor, with accessories such as futuristic chandeliers, coffee cups with bright prints and polka dot curtains... the options are endless!

Try funky prints
Pin-up girls, comic strips, dialogue boxes, hand-drawn condiment jars — one of the best aspects of pop art is how you can take ordinary objects and make them look glamorous. Whether it’s a simple item such as a brightly-coloured kettle, or a popular, fictional character, it’s easy to find accessories that suit your taste. When you’re playing around with busy or heavy prints on a rug or in artwork, paint the surrounding area in a solid colour to make the prints look more arresting.

Creative photo displays
Whatever the mode — whether it is getting an outline of your portrait hand-drawn in a bright colour on a sheet of old newspaper or a picture of you dressed as Superman — showcase creativity and artistic skills to add a personal touch. Let your imagination run wild with interesting photograph ideas — get your family to walk down a zebra crossing like The Beatles, put your photo on a vinyl disc, squeeze your face right between Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe or ask all your friends to dress like the characters from Friends.

Eccentric wall art
Your home décor reflects your taste — guests will usually be able to gauge your personality based on the objects in your home. And, what better way to do this than by shamelessly displaying your obsessions on a wall? You can put up anything — the cover of your favourite childhood storybook, a page from a calendar that marks an important date, a page from a graphic novel that you love, your favourite quote in hot pink, a picture of a fizzy drink can or the flag of your favourite football team. There is literally no limit.

Parag Pandya, interior designer at Haus Kraft, gives us a few  interesting tips to explain the many ways in which you can add pop art to your home.

Multi-coloured walls
One of the major advantages of pop art is that each wall in a room can be designed differently. However, walls are often just a backdrop for your interiors and so, can be painted in pure white. If you’re not happy with this idea, paint each wall in a different colour and see the magic unfold! If you want to use wallpaper, choose a sheet with an interesting geometric pattern and vibrant colours.

Liven up your floor
When it comes to pop art flooring, the most popular trend is a one-colour laminate, single-colour carpets or white, solid wood. But, pop art means that you make your own rules. So, you can safely pick a carpet with bright and contrasting colours to make your room look more lively. The only factor that you have to consider is to ensure that your carpet matches the overall design of your room. A glossy, stretched ceiling is the perfect addition to a room styled in classic pop art flexion. It adds a little light to your room while expanding its borders.

Offbeat furniture
Plastic, glossy shine as well as geometric ornaments and figures are some of the main elements to look for in your furniture. To maintain a sense of space and freedom indoors, don’t overload your room with furniture. It’s best to pick the bare minimum, as all your pieces will be loud enough to make a statement.

Quirky accessories
Select unique, exclusive items to accessorise your décor — handmade elements are especially eye-catching. At the same time, choose items that will create a balance and not lead to chaos. For example, a poster of Marilyn Monroe or your own portraits in different colour variations will look classy. Even an image of your pet can be turned into a spectacular piece of pop art (see below). 

Tile your kitchen
You can install black and white tiles to make your kitchen floor look like a chessboard. To complete this design, add a couple of colourful pictures (your favourite cartoon character, actor, animal or anything that you wish) and watch the room light up. This will add a colourful punch to the black and white flooring. Another way to decorate your kitchen is to put empty glass soda bottles along your shelves and paste cereal box labels on a few cabinet doors. This will add a quirky twist to an otherwise sombre kitchen. Another god idea is to put a 3D macaroni model at the entrance of your kitchen, which will make the décor stand out more.

Décor DIY: Andy Warhol Pet Portrait
No, this is not a portrait of Andy Warhol’s pet. And for those who love obscure, vague ideas in abstract art, it isn’t a portrait of Andy Warhol as your pet either! It’s a way of displaying your adorable pet in a ’50s-era pop art portrait. This piece of DIY art is called the Andy Warhol Pet Portrait after the most recognisable face of the pop art movement — the leading visual artist from America who immortalised this form of art.

You will need:

  • A photo-frame.
  • A portrait of your pet (a colour-print will do).
  • Scissors.
  • A spray adhesive.
  • Bright card-stock paper.


  • Cut the background out of your pet’s photo so that you’re left with a picture outlining your pet’s silhouette.
  • Scan this cut-out and adjust the brightness and contrast so that your pet’s portrait has two colours, black and a bright colour.
  • Print this image and cut it again in the shape of your pet’s silhouette. Apply adhesive on the back of this print and stick it on a bright card-stock paper.
  • Make sure that the bright colour of the print of your pet’s portrait and the card-stock paper contrast with one another.
  • Attach a photo frame on this card-stock paper and have your loved one keep a constant eye on you.

Pop Art products we are in love with
The loud colours and attention-grabbing pop art prints can make décor items the centrepiece of any room. Here are some of our favourite pieces!

Lamp light
This gorgeous lamp with its intense colour play and pop-art- inspired depiction of Lord Ganesha is perfect for an artsy bedroom.
Where www.pepperfry.com
Price Rs 1,360

Glam art
This amazing artwork can make a plain wall behind your sofa, look glamorous.
Where The Great Eastern Home
Price On request

Oh deer me!
This tribal-inspired art on a polished wooden centre table with a sleek design adds an ethnic twist to the pop art movement.
Where Baaya Design
Price Rs 36,000

Pop clock
This wall clock with urban, young pop art has so much personality! It will make plain white décor look more attractive.
Where www.fabfurnish.com
Price Rs 999

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