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Friday, July 13, 2012

Apart from the amazing ambiance and a few dishes, Rainforest Restobar’s new outlet in Kurla doesn’t really stand out, says Dev Goswami

Rainforest lives up to its name. The moment you enter the restaurant, you will be greeted by a gushing river (artificial) as you cross a wooden bridge. Once you sit down and have a look around, you cannot help but marvel at the decor, which is designed to give you a feel of sitting in a forest. The ambiance is certainly unique and we appreciate the detail of a small overhead light which ensures that you can see what you are eating. This, along with the fact that the Rainforest in Andheri has been a huge hit among patrons, raised our expectations for the night.

We started off with the Paya Soup (`175) — a north Indian mutton soup, which I personally feel is hugely underrated. The soup was one of the best that I’ve had. It was spiced to perfection. The evening was off to an amazing and delicious start… but sadly the rest of the night failed to match. We then ordered the Paneer Achari (`255), Chicken in Butter Garlic (`275) and Lamb in Hunan Sauce (`345). The Paneer Achari was the star of the starters even though it felt like chewing gum (after a while the taste of the masala disappeared leaving a chewy paneer piece in our mouths). So, that  doesn’t say a lot about the other dishes. The Chicken Butter Garlic was too watered down and the Lamb in Hunan Sauce was strictly average. However, the Prawn Cocktail (`395), a special recommendation by the chef, is a unique dish and was one of the few which made our night worth it. 

The main course comprised of Murg Musallam (`475) and a cheesy pasta called Al Quatro Fromaggi (`525). The quantity of the Murg Musallam alone was enough to justify its price as it can easily feed three hungry people. Rich gravy, big chicken pieces and a variety of naans, the dish had the potential to be the star of the night but it failed because of one small mistake, there was too much salt, enough to make us stop eating after a few morsels. However, the pasta came to the rescue and true to its name of being made from four different cheese; it was truly cheesy and tasty. The desserts were nothing to rave about. We tried the Apple Pie and Bailey’s Delight (`255). The Bailey’s Delight was the pick of the two and was a high point to end our meal on. 

For a place which calls itself a restobar, the cocktails didn’t excite us. The Long Island Ice Tea (`400) though well mixed, was standard. The Shanghai Sunset (`350) which boasted of vodka and tequila made me wonder if I had heard the waiter wrong, as it tasted like a mocktail. The sweetness of the apple and cranberry juice came across just fine but I was left hunting for the punch.

Overall, the experience was a mixed one. Some of their dishes are really good while some of their dishes fall short due to minute mistakes which have big consequences. We have no plans of going back there any time soon.

Where Rainforest Restobar, Phoenix Market City, Kurla Kamini, Kurla
Meal for two Approximately Rs 2,000
Alcohol served Yes
Contact 9167788035 

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