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Not a high point

Friday, June 03, 2011

Samreen Samad tells you why The Terrace at Marine Drive is avoidable

A rooftop bar and lounge facing Chowpatty is the only plus point of Marine Drive’s latest The Terrace.

After climbing four storeys we entered The Terrace which looked like a laidback place. However, it is so laidback that you won’t be served unless you remind the waiter a couple of times. Also, there are no fans or coolers so avoid visiting it during summer. However, we’re assuming that during winter it would be quite delightful.

The Terrace serves only vegetarian food, one of their many shortcomings. However, the menu has some interesting starters which are divided between Tapas + Mezzah, Bread + Tartlets, Oven+ Grill and Bites that start at `160 to `335. We asked for creamy Baba Ganoush and mini burgers but they weren’t available. The waiter instead, got us Bell Pepper Bruschetta served with Iceberg Lettuce, Bell Pepper Quiche served with Iceberg Lettuce and Spicy Potatoes cooked with Bell Peppers served with — no prizes for guessing — Iceberg lettuce!

The bar is well stocked and the bartender is friendly and warm. He suggested the Fresh Mango Martini (`495) and the Thai Watermelon and Tangerine Martini (`495). Both quite refreshing and made with fresh fruit.

The Terrace will be starting special nights such as Ladies Night, Karaoke Night and many more soon. They also give out the place for private parties starting at `1,000 per head. They screen matches as well but with so many better options available in the city, The Terrace can easily be avoided. We are hoping these are just a few teething problems and they will work on their service soon.

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