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My Goodness, Tea!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Finding the perfect cup of tea to suit your mood can be a challenge. Tea-A-Me is a good place to start looking, says Rhea Dhanbhoora

Tea snobs, aficionados and connoisseurs have one thing in common — they’re all looking for good tea. With Tea-A-Me’s new range, they may finally find it. The moods on each sachet make choosing your tea all the more fun, so when I was given the beautiful black box I couldn’t wait to get started. Here’s a flavour breakdown:

What it says: Purify
What we think: After a heavy meal, this tea is perfect, but it does little to compete with other varieties. It’s more affordable than my favourites, but too airy on the palette.

Honey Lemon Green
What it says: Renew
What we think: This was by far, the most disappointing tea. Honey and lemon is usually a delightful combination, but this one had a strange, synthetic aftertaste.

Mint Green
What it says:
What we think: If a heady mint is what you’re looking for, this tea is a good choice. It’s a little too sharp for my taste, but since I’m not fond of mint in general, this may have been more of a personal preference.

Kashmiri Kahwa
What it says:
What we think: Kahwa in a tea bag? I was suspicious, but it wasn’t a hoax! It’s best without milk and is light, airy and flavourful — staying true to its
uplifting tag.

Jasmine Green
What it says:
What we think: This tea tastes faintly of jasmine, but not enough to soothe. It’s a quick pick-me-up but failed to impress as much as I expected it to.

What it says:
What we think: While masala tea is usually enjoyed with milk, I urge you to try this yummy blend of spices black, with just a hint of sugar. The rich blend makes good on its promise to indulge.

What it says:
What we think: There’s no doubt this tea is richly spiced and the cardamom adds a delectable bite. But, the name might be misleading, because I wasn’t particularly charmed.

What it says:
What we think: This is a gnawing ginger flavour that refuses to leave the roof of your mouth long after you’re done — and I mean this in a good way. It gives you a boost of energy after a long day, is flavourful, full-bodied and a must-try.

What it says:
What we think: Chamomile is a delicate flavour and not always a hit in your tea cup. Luckily, this blend strikes a balance. It’s not one of the best, but it will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Apple Cinnamon
What it says:
What we think: I usually detest apple tea, so I wasn’t looking forward to this tea. However, one sip later I was a convert. The cinnamon overpowered the apple, making it spicy, with only a slight hint of sweet. However, it’s caffeine free so it won’t give you the kick you’re looking for.

Cranberry Apple
What it says:
What we think: This was not as cheery as it claimed to be, but it was a soft blend of enjoyable flavours. The tart cranberry helps balance the sweet apple. If you’re looking for caffeine hit, skip this one.

Earl Grey
What it says:
What we think: While this bergamot flavoured tea was a good blend, it’s not a favourite. I could be biased about certain Earl Grey types, so this didn’t quite do it for me.

What it says:
What we think: Unlike most black lemon blends, this has the perfect lemon hit, making it one of my favourites. It’s just tangy enough without being too acidic, but tastes terrible with milk.

English Breakfast
What it says:
Wake up
What we think: I’m not usually a fan, but this did well, because it wasn’t as weak as teas that masquerade as this robust flavour. It does give you a good shake.

What it says:
What we think: There’s a reason Assam tea is revered, and this tea was also delicious. It may not be as authentic as you’ll get off an estate, but it’s definitely the closest you will get in a tea bag.

What it says:
What we think: Fruity, floral and just as flavourful as it’s meant to be, this was good on its own and even better with a hint of lemon. I didn’t like it with milk, but the flavours are strong enough to peek through anything brilliantly.

Tulsi Green
What it says:
What we think: This is surprisingly good tea, with the tulsi blending in beautifully. It’s light, but with a definite kick.

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