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Lovely Lights

Friday, July 24, 2015

From shades and chandeliers, to lights and lamps, a well-placed light can completely change the way a room looks! Rhea Dhanbhoora & Dev Goswami bring you some great options

So crafty
This paper hanging lamp from Tranceforme will add a rustic touch to your home décor.
Price Rs 950

So ornate
Gold isn’t always the best option, but this lamp from Baaya Design is not over-the-top.
Price Rs 17,380

Musical nights 
Whether it’s a party or a small gathering of friends, this pretty  silhouette lamp from Gifttease.com is a steal.
Price Rs 4,030

Artsy touch
We love painted bottles, and with light emanating from this one from FashionandYou.com, it’s a must-have on our list!
Price Rs 1,495

A series situation
We love these Edison bulbs from Red Blue & Yellow. They will look gorgeous in a more contemporary room.
Price Rs 5,000

Fun with colours
If you’re confused about what to pick, your safest bet would be a colourful option like this one from Home Centre by Lifestyle.
Price Rs 3,295

Level up
This swirl engraved, multi-level lamp, from Code Silver, will look great as the centrepiece on a coffee table.
Price Rs 14,500

For your tiny tots
Your children will adore this cute, monkey lamp from HyperCITY.
Price Rs 1,999

A dramatic effect
We love the theatre light-like vibe of this lamp from Sanctum.
Price Rs 2,399

Go oriental
A classic design, this table lamp from Traceforme is a safe bet.
Price Rs 46,000 (set of two)

Shine some light 
This is table lamp from Home Centre by Lifestyle, is the perfect example of how to rock neon home décor.
Price Rs 1,795

Did you say abstract?
If you want to add a quirky, abstract touch to a room, pick a lamp that’s off the beaten track, like this one from Icasa.
Price Rs 55,920

An artsy classic
We are in complete awe of this hand-painted table lamp from Fashionara.com.
Price Rs 1,549

Choose the right lights
The biggest question you will have when you’re doing up a new home is what lights to choose. The answer lies in the overall theme that you’re aiming for. For example, Ankita Arya, a stylist from FabFurnish.com, tells us that chandeliers are a good option if you’re creating a grand, opulent home. On the other hand, suspended lights are perfect for contemporary interiors. She adds, “Ceiling lights bind all the items of a room together and bring its décor together. So, remember that they are not merely an illuminating option.” Similarly, table lamps too are a necessity. Ankita explains, “The table lamp is an absolute essential in every home and has now become a home accent! Old yet chic, table lamps are very innovative and can change the entire look of your room adding style, personality and character.”

For your kitchen
It’s not often that we see light fixtures that are as perfect for your kitchen as these are! Pick them up from Red Blue & Yellow!
Price Rs 5,000

A touch of nature
More than the classy design, it is we love the gradient blue light of this Fashionara.com piece.
Price Rs 3,340

Good night
Perfectly bright, this lamp from Fashionandyou.com is well-suited for your bedroom.
Price Rs 1,275

A cluster of light
Add a table and chair around these printed lamps from Sanctum, and you’ve got yourself a simple, but well-designed study space.
Price Rs 4,525

Who said you need a table?
This hand-painted lampshade from FabFurnish.com is a great standalone piece.
Price Rs 1,178

Modern art
The minimalistic design on this lamp by Ownow.com will compliment modern interiors.
Price Rs 13,300

Go ornate
Add to particularly opulent home décor with this silver lamp from Code Silver.
Price Rs 18,800

Light my fire
Love The Doors? This table lamp from HyperCITY is perfect for you.
Price Rs 899

When you mean business
Want to give your room a really bright touch? Pick up this unique light globe from Anemos.
Price On request

Have a massive budget?
Pick up this unique frosted glass and black granite lamp from Frazer and Haws. 
Price On request

Go coral
This reminds us of a nightclub — but a classy one! If your house is a party pad, this light from FabFurnish.com a must-have.
Price Rs 712

Know your lights
We’re sure that you understand the importance of lighting up your home. But, do you understand the role that the fixtures play? Their shapes often determine how light is thrown around the room and so, when they’re used right, they can enhance any type of décor. Of course, there are also decorative pieces that you can pick to make a statement. 

The functional shapes
Most fabric-based lamp shades are available in various shapes. Longer shades such as hexagons or cylinders throw light out of both sides, helping to create a warm, ambient glow. On the other hand, floor shades (slightly broader at the bottom than at the top) and oval shades often cast a circular or an oval spread of light on your floor. You can use these to highlight a certain section of your room or a particular piece of furniture. Empire shades, with their creased fabric and perfectly-proportioned slanting sides, look very pretty and are perfect for a coffee table in your living room or a study table, since they have a wide spread of light that is perfect for reading. Coolie and bell shades emit light similarly, but their simple, yet aesthetic design makes them suitable for your bedroom.

The decorative shades
From the iconic Tiffany shades to the contemporary art-glass ones, these make for fantastic buys. But, make sure that they complement your existing décor. A Tiffany shade, for example, is a work of art in itself, Ankita Arya, a stylist from FabFurnish.com, tells us. And so, they work best with neutral décor, where they can be the centre of attraction. Featuring intricate and colourful glass patterns, it is a classic lampshade that you can’t go wrong with it. Art-glass shades sound similar to Tiffany shades, as they too feature stained glass. However, the design is more contemporary than ornate and will go well in a new-age, functional home. Mini-chandelier shades are a good pick as well — they are a variant of the normal chandelier, with fabric shades on each light source, giving your room a warm, inviting glow, while still ensuring the resplendence that chandeliers are mostly associated with.

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