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Love at first bite

Friday, April 27, 2012

Glynda Alves tells you about Mumbai’s first chocolate club, Cvado 1502 and why you should consider becoming a member

Cvado 1502 is Mumbai’s first (and only) chocolate club. And, we want to be members! Established by brothers Pankaj and Pavan Nagori, the name of the club is derived from E'vado, Latin for escape, and 1502 was the year cocoa beans first reached Europe.

As a member of chocoholics anonymous, you will be treated to specialty chocolates once a month. And these chocolates really are special. From pralines, soft centered, dark chocolate and ganache, these chocolates are like pieces of heaven, (excuse the corniness but I am in love) each with its own distinct taste and design.

No two flavours were the same. And it’s not only the trained palate that can tell the difference. Everyone who ate these bite sized treats immediately commented on the quality of the ingredients amidst ooh’s and yum’s.

At Cvado 1502, they believe that one should consume chocolates fresh in the manner and consistency that they are designed to be had. So, they only get fresh chocolates made by master chocolatiers across Europe and do not deal with mass produced, packaged chocolates with preservatives and additives. So, every month these chocolate masters create a new collection of chocolates by sampling a wide variety of creations from a cadre of chocolatiers across Europe mainly Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland the and UK.

If you become a member of the club, it’s `2,600 per month for 20 pieces of chocolates. However, a one month trial membership is `1,950. We know it’s a little steep but when one of our tasters, who has travelled the world and eaten some of the finest chocolates, says they are the best chocolates he’s ever eaten, we know the price is completely worth it.

Contact 65111502 or email them at [email protected]

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