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Interview: Katrina Kaif and Imran Khan tell us about their new movie kaif and khan

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hot and happening co-stars Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif share instances from the making of their upcoming romantic comedy, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan with Janhvi Patel

Katrina Kaif and Imran Khan will star together for the first time in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. They launched the soundtrack amid much fanfare yesterday. The pair entertained the media with their camaraderie and humour. Here is what they have to say about each other, their director, co-stars, music, and more.
Imran, Katrina slapped you 16 times!
Imran: Yes, she did! The scene looks like fun when you see it but it was not fun for me. We did 16 re-takes and she was not happy. We packed up but the next day, I got slapped until the scene was finally okayed!
Katrina: Connection nahi aa raha tha! (The connection wasn’t coming) I wanted to slap him hard so that the feeling was right!
What was it like working with Ali Zafar?
Imran: I enjoyed working with him. My character goes looking for a bride for his brother, who he calls Bhaisahab. When Abbas Ali Zafar (the director) told me about it, I said that we needed a solid actor to play him. He suggested Ali Zafar and I felt that he was a good choice.
Katrina: We got along well. I play a rock star in the film and Ali Zafar is a rock star himself so I learnt a lot from him. I am learning to play the guitar and Farhan is teaching me. Ali is also helping me out and he is a good teacher because he knows so much about music.  
Katrina, we heard that your hair got stuck in a fan!
Imran: I would like to answer that. When you hear that someone’s hair got stuck in a fan, you think that their life was in danger. Thankfully, nothing like that happened. You know those little fans that girls carry in their handbags? Katrina’s hair got stuck in a fan like that! So, there is nothing to worry about.
What do you two think about the music of the film?
Imran: I think the album is funny as well as fantastic. Suhail Sen has done a great job and so has Irshad Kamil. The title track is my favourite because it is quite funny. I also like Ishq Risk.
Katrina: I like the music of the film. I like my opening song Dhunki because it is very different from what I have done before.
How did you like working with Abbas Ali Zafar?
Imran: He is very sure of what he wants. He is a very funny guy which reflects in the movie he has made. His fitrat or way of life is to crack jokes and make people laugh. That is an amazing quality. Katrina and I were offered a couple of films before this but we zeroed in on this one. Both of us met before the film and felt that this one was right for us to work together on.
What are your expectations from the film?
Katrina: It is a fun film and everybody has done their best. What I like is the fact that the movie plays on our strengths. Abbas has written it in such a way that both Imran and I are doing what we are happy and comfortable doing.

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