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How you Bean?

Friday, June 03, 2011

Café Bean Garu in Powai is a good place to catch a bite between shopping says Dev Goswami

When we heard of Café Bean Garu thoughts of having a full blown dinner were wiped out off our minds. At the very least we expected a small cosy café tucked away in a corner of the mall where we could catch up with friends over food. However, we were welcomed by an open food court with a kitchen-cum-counter in a corner and a seating area bang in front of the common staircase and elevator. So, if privacy is what you’re looking for, this is not the place you would want to pick.

The eatery is modeled as per the standards of a fast food joint thus the service is quite fast and the staff is very well informed about the dishes on their menu. The fare is primarily South Indian and you can expect authentic dishes such as Rasam Soup (`50), Chettinadu Curry (`135) and Nellore Pullusu (`135). At the same time you will also find some not so authentic (but innovative) variations such as Pizza Dosa (`95), Pesto Cheese Dosa (`95) and Nutella Chocolate Dosa (`85).

The Rasam served as a soup was a novel idea — hot and not too spicy. The Pizza Dosa was unique and looked nothing like a normal dosa. The base was made of the dosa paste with toppings that included a mix of vegetables, spices, tomato puree and finally topped with cheese. Tasting like a mix of cheese pizza and masala dosa, along with the sambhar and coconut chutney, this pizza dosa gives you a blend of both worlds. The Pesto Cheese Dosa too mixes Italian and South Indian cuisine but after a while the dishes became a little predictable. There was too much mashed potato and too little spice.

The Chettinadu Curry and Nellore Pullusu showed us how delectable Indian cuisine is when not mixed with any other cuisine. Though it wouldn’t be right to compare the dishes, the Chettinadu being sour and coconut-y while the Pullusu hot, the Nellore Pullusu won hands down. To end our evening, we had the Nutella Chocolate Dosa which might sound like a bad idea at first, but was actually quite delicious.

Overall, it would not make sense to travel a long way to Café Bean Garu, but we recommend it if you are in the vicinity or stay close by.

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