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How Do I Look?

Friday, August 16, 2013

You Look Great (YLG) is a new salon and spa that’s opened up at Jogeshwari. Priyanka Singh visits them to try their special facial

Y  LG, an abbreviated version of their actual name You Look Great, is a salon and spa that opened its third branch in Mumbai at Jogeshwari (W). You can spot YLG the moment you enter the main road that leads to the famous Hotel Mina. That’s because the salon has a huge entrance with all-glass doors and a large name board that has YLG lit up incandescently.

YLG’s décor is anything but boring. That’s not because they have tried to throw around eccentric elements in their salon. YLG’s trademark logo colours are bright orange, pink and green and you’ll also see a good dose of the same colours balanced well with white in the spacious salon and spa. The wood furnishings rightly save the interiors from getting too overbearing. They have a roomy hairdressing section, a separate section for hair treatments, another one specially for manicures and pedicures, three facial rooms and two rooms for waxing. If you like to get your treatments in a private environ, then YLG will impress you to no end.

YLG also offers ‘Transformer’, an intriguing virtual hairstyle application that allows customers to try 150+ different hairstyles virtually before choosing one that suits them best. The salon has a few breakthrough services and some of them that fall in this category include myWaxer — a hygienic, non-sugar based wax in disposable cartridges, Chromo White Facial, European Light Therapy Facial and Light Therapy Hair Spa.

I chose to try one of their European Light Therapy (ELT) facials which are currently offered only by YLG in the city. The facials start from Rs 1,000 and go up to Rs 3,500, depending on what you pick up or are recommended by their skin expert. The skin expert analyses your skin and according to that recommends a facial. However, if you feel that the treatment is too heavy on your pocket, you can choose one of your choice or tell the expert to suggest something within your price range. I was told to try the ELT Radical Radiance facial which lasted for 75 minutes and is priced at Rs 3,500.

The facial is a skin tone lightening treatment and can also be done in multiple sittings, which they say will derive optimum results. It’s similar to a normal facial, the major difference being the usage of ELT machine with its blue and red lights. One light is used to remove blackheads, whiteheads and other impurities and the other is used to spread the cream on the skin so that it is absorbed well. However, there is one aspect that I hope they alter. In a normal facial, after the blackhead removal process is done, while massaging the cream the therapist dips her hands in ice, so that your skin doesn’t get too warm.
During my treatment at YLG salon, there was no dipping of the fingers in ice. So, while initially the warmth generated on my skin felt nice, due to repeated massaging, the skin got uncomfortably hot.

The real test of a facial is its outcome. When I reached home, I noticed that some of my blackheads were still present. I was told that the radiance would last for a month. It’s been two weeks and while there indeed is a glow on my face, it is nothing different than what my modest facial priced at three digits would give me. Will I go for their ELT facial again? At that price, it’s not likely. But, I’d visit them for one of their spa therapies and to try out my Waxer.

Where YLG Salon & Spa, Ground Floor, A.K.Mom Mahal, Near Bostan Hotel, S.V.Road, Jogeshwari (W) contact 6500152

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