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Guilt-Free Indulgence Is That Easy

Friday, January 15, 2016

Veeba recently introduced several interesting products that you may not see in supermarkets across the city. The 48hrs Team tested out to see if guilt-free indulgence is that easy

Veeba is a brand that has a variety of healthy products — sauces, dressings and mayonnaise. Most of their retail products aren’t just off-the-shelf items. For example, they have Mint Mayonnaise, Marinara Pizza & Pasta Sauce and Honey Mustard Dressing. The brand’s claim to fame is that its products are low in fat and cholesterol — all the bad stuff. The brand also claims to be built on the foundations of quality and food safety. The 48hrs Team tasted a few of the products to see how Veeba fared.

Olive Oil Mayonnaise (Rs 139)
Veeba’s olive oil mayonnaise was absolutely delicious! And, its consistency was great too. It wasn’t oily or heavy like some mayonnaises are and it will go with just about anything. You can use it as a spread in sandwiches or even as a dip when you’re munching on snacks. And, since it’s 78% fat free, you can indulge in it without feeling guilty.

Sweet Chilli Sauce (Rs 99)
The Sweet Chilli Sauce didn’t go down too well — it was neither here nor there. The sweetness in the sauce distracts you from the spicy flavour, which isn’t spicy enough to begin with. A chilli sauce should infuse your food with a shot of spice, which this sauce didn’t do. However, if you like a mild accompaniment as a garnish, you will like this one.

Sweet Onion Sauce (Rs 119)
The sauce comes in a decently sized plastic bottle that is well-sealed, so you don’t have to worry about it spilling out. The sauce itself has quite an appetising aroma with a hint of sweetness —the pungent smell of the onion is practically non-existent. It’s infused with chilli flakes and spices and is a flavoursome dip to enjoy with both plain brown bread as well as potato chips.

Chipotle Southwest Dressing (Rs 139)
The slightly tingly aftertaste in the Southwest sauce is usually alright, but the Veeba version was disappointing in more ways than one way. Its rough texture makes an otherwise decent sandwich unappetising. And, the aftertaste is very apparent. It will need a few improvements if it is to please.
Where Retail stores across the city

Contact www.veeba.in

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