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Give It A Shot

Friday, August 01, 2014

Forget sipping delicately on a cocktail and try some shots instead! Whether you want a mild, but tasty shot, or a stiff firebomb with straight-up liquor, Mumbai is quickly becoming a great place to head out for a round of shots with friends. Rhea Dhanbhoora & Dev Goswami tell you more

When you think of shots, we’re sure you think of screaming college kids and alcohol burning uncomfortably, as it makes its way down your throat. But, bars like He Said She Said (one of the few shot-centric bars the city has to offer) are slowly changing that perception, with a range of delicious shots that go down as smooth as silk and will not leave you feeling like you’ve spent the night in a trash can. Such shots still exist of course, but you can modify them to suit your tastes. Take a look at what shots to indulge in, which ones to stay away from and where to get the best shots in the city.

Your Shot Guide
Confused about what to order? Here’s a simple list for those who want to start drinking shots, but can’t make head or tail the menu.

Jager-bomb: This is one of the most popular shots, made with an energy drink and a little bit of Jagermeister.

Kamikaze: Even if you’re a teetotaller, you’ve probably heard of this shot. It’s a crowd pleaser, because of the lime juice and triple sec, but those who dislike vodka should stay far away from it.

Lemon drop: This one is a film favourite, so we’re sure you’ve at least heard of it. Another vodka based-shot, it’s made with lemon juice and sugar just like the name suggests.

Cherry bomb: Prefer tasty shots? Try this one with cherry vodka and an energy drink.

B-52: It sounds like gibberish, but is actually one of the tastiest shots out there. A combination of amaretto, Irish cream and Kahlua, it will leave you licking your lips.

Soco & lime: If you’ve ever had Southern Comfort, you know what we’re talking about. This one mixes the fruit and whiskey based liqueur with sweetened lime juice, making it a lip-smacking shot.

3 Wise Men: Whiskey lovers, we’ve got something for you too! With Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker —this shot is definitely only for those who like their alcohol straight up!

Slippery nipple: A current favourite with restaurants, you’ll be drinking Irish cream liqueur with sambuca, if you order this one.

Woo woo: We’re sure that’s what you’ll be saying after you drink this concoction. The vodka-based drink is made with peach schnapps, cranberry juice and lime wedges. Yum!

Irish car bomb: This is fast becoming popular around Mumbai. With Guinness, Irish cream and Irish whiskey, it’s not one for the faint-hearted.

Jell-O shots: These may be a college favourite but they’re also extremely delicious. They’re made with — you guessed it, Jell-O, vodka and water.

Crazy Town
Do you think that all shots are delicious? You couldn’t be more wrong. Take a look at these shots before you start thinking you can order any shot that sounds quirky.

Flatliner: When they said never mix drinks, the Greeks and Mexicans were clearly not paying attention. Sambuca, tequila and hot sauce make up this firecracker shot.

Gorilla Fart: Yes, this is a drink. Mix Bacardi with an alcohol called Wild Turkey to get this shot, but be very, very careful.

Hot Mexican Hooker: The name is not the only questionable aspect of this drink. It’s a shot that not only contains Cuervo and Tabasco, it also has tuna fish juice! We were gagging too.

New Jersey Turnpike: We’re really glad this drink is not more popular, because it involves squeezing a bar rag into a shot glass. It may be a challenge to drink it, but it’s one challenge that we really wouldn’t mind losing!

Eggermeister: Sure, we love Jagermeister shots too. But, add in a pickled egg to the mix and it’s not only disgusting, it also means that you’re essentially swallowing a pickled egg filled with alcohol. Yuck!

Naga chilli vodka: This actually exists in bottled form, so you don’t have to depend on a bartender to make it. It’s officially classified as the world’s hottest vodka and contains several hot peppers, as well as 40% of alcohol. We’re definitely not recommending it.

Cement mixer: If you’ve got a poor gag reflex, avoid this one, because it actually curdles in your mouth! It’s made with Irish cream and lemon juice, which in case you weren’t sure about, should never be mixed with one another!

Motor oil: Why would you want to drink motor oil? The disgusting combination of all sorts of flavours such as peach and coconut, along with several types of alcohol, makes this a terrible concoction.

Shot Recipes
Mixing shots on your own is not as hard as it seems. You just have to blend a few ingredients together in the right proportion. If you’d like to have a round of shots (apart from the customary round of tequila, of course) at your next house party, read on as we get bartenders from the city to give us some combinations.

  • Mix 30ml of vodka with 15ml triple sec and 5ml lime juice for one shot of the classic Kamakazi. Add a lemon wedge on top. This recipe is from Villa 69.
  • Café Sundance’s B52 is another classic shot that is simple to make — just mix 15ml Kahlua, with 15ml Baileys and 15ml of Cointreau.
  • We love this shot recipe by mixologist Nischal Gurung from He Said She Said. Called MSD, it sounds delicious and is extremely refreshing. Shake 30ml vodka with 10ml Monin cucumber syrup. Add 5ml of fresh lime juice and serve with a cucumber piece.
  • Nischal gives us another recipe that is great for those who prefer a slightly sweet shot. Called Majama Che, you need to shake 30ml vodka with 10ml strawberry crush and 20ml pineapple juice. Serve with slice of strawberry on the rim.
  • If you want to be classy and want a unique taste, try this one by Ravi Sharma, owner of Saffron Bay: Mix 22ml of whiskey with 22ml white Sambuca and shake with ice before serving in a shot glass.
  • This shot, by Devdas Alva, owner of Ankur, goes well with a beer. Mix Irish whiskey and Irish cream in equal proportions in a shot glass. Pour Irish beer in pint glasses, dunk the shot in the beer and drink everything in one go.
  • This one by Omesh Bhatt, owner of Fenny G & Friends, is for the whiskey lovers. Mix Johnny Walker, Black Label, Jack Daniels and Jeam Beam in equal quantities to get a strong, full-flavoured shot.
  • A flaming shot makes for great visual presentation and can liven up your party if you know what to do. A flaming shot is made of two parts — one is the base, which is the drink that you actually consume, and the second is a high-proof alcohol which is needed to light the drink on fire. You can try several combinations for the base — gin, pomegranate juice with a fizzy drink or Kahlua with Irish cream are some popular ones. Once you pour the base in the shot glass, slowly pour a high-proof alcohol (75-80% proof ones such as tequila will work well). Make sure that it doesn’t mix into the drink and forms a layer on top of the base instead. Now, wipe away any alcohol that might have fallen out on the table. Next, use a long lighter, set the drink on fire and extinguish the flame before drinking the shot.

Shots In The City
Wondering what restaurants in the city serve the best shots? We give you a list.

He Said She Said: Considering that He Said She Said is the only shot bar in Mumbai, of course it was going to be a part of this list. But, the real reason that we are recommending the restaurant is because the menu includes a large variety of flavours, making it our favourite. You just have to visit them.
Where Remi BizCourt, Vera Desai Road, Off Link Road, Andheri (w)
Our favourite shot Django, for Rs 199

Copa: Copa has made a name for itself with its innovative drinks. Their Jell-O shots are very popular and the other shots on their menu are unique and worth trying too.
Where Anna Building, 13th Road, Juhu
Our favourite shot Jell-O Shot, for Rs 200

The Little Door: We love The Little Door and their quirky menu. While they are known more for their delicious Mediterranean fare, they also have a great range of shots. So, the next time you are craving shots, TLD is where you should head.
Where Plot B 31, Off Link Road, Andheri (w)
Our favourite shot A-52, for Rs 497

Irish House: Another pub known for its fantastic cocktails, the Irish House might not have the most unique shots, but you can be assured of great taste and amazing visual presentation. They don’t have a varied range of shots, but there are a few that are worth trying.
Where Irish House outlets
Our favourite shot Irish Car Bomb, for Rs 420

For Your Shot Party
Whether you’re having a shot party or you just want to add a quirky touch to your home décor, these funky shot glasses will come in handy.

Amchi Mumbai
We love the great range of Mumbai-inspired shot glasses on www.indiacircus.com.
Price Rs 599

It’s time to get shot
These gangster glasses from www.happilyunmarried.com come with a unique, truck stand.
Price Rs 1,200

One is not enough
These chai glass themed shot glasses from www.craftsvilla.com are unique and provide room for more than just one shot.
Price Rs 1,500

What a shot
We love these well-designed, football-inspired shot glasses from www.tappukidukaan.com
Price Rs 250

Keep it simple
These shot glasses from www.madinindia.com are unique, without being too expensive.
Price Rs 550

Get psychedelic
If you love psychedelia, then these shot glasses from www.propshop24.com are perfect for you.
Price Rs 500

The memories
Bring back memories of the land of beaches, with these quirky glasses from www.madinindia.com.
Price Rs 550

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