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DIY-ING into the new year

Friday, December 29, 2017

Decorating your house in time for a New Year’s Eve party is always a task. But, you won’t have to worry this year as the 48hrs Team comes to your rescue with a few quick and easy DIY hacks that are sure to glam up your space and be the talk of the party

From the hanging disco balls to the shimmering streamers and a New Year’s banner, everyone loves decorating their house and workplace for the festive season. But, before we know it, we’re either too late to shop with the crowded markets quick to throw us off or we’re still hanging back in office with piles of work to be completed. However, the beauty of these DIY hacks is that they can be done anywhere. From the comfort of your home to your clustered office desk, just gather your chart papers, pens and pencils and get decorating! Make New Year’s Eve a memorable night and let your house scream ‘Happy New Year’ this time around.


The clock striking midnight is a heavily anticipated moment in every New Year party, so why should your décor fall short of expressing the joy that the New Year will bring. Highlight the theme with this easy to make clock.    

Things you need

2 sheets of coloured paper, black paper for the numbers, glitter paper for the hands of the clock, scissors and glue

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Step 1: Depending on how big or small you want your clock to be, take an appropriately sized rectangular paper. Start folding this paper vertically in rectangular stripes, alternating the folds. Do the same with another rectangular sheet of the same size. Once you have folded the rectangular sheet of paper, glue together both ends of the paper to make a semi-circle. The end product should resemble a Chinese fan.

Step 2: You should have two semi-circle shaped papers which you glue together to make a whole circle. This is the base of your clock.

Step 3: The final step requires you to cut out the numbers— three, nine, six and twelve, and clock hands— a big one and a small one. Use a colour that compliments the base clock colour for these. Stick the numbers according to a clock face with the hands in the centre so that they are almost striking midnight!


Paper garlands are unique and easy to make. They add a feel of royalty to your wooden doors. You can hang them on your ceiling wall as well and see the magic unfold. 

Things you need

Printed chart paper of different colours and designs, ruler, marker, cutter, glue and stapler

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Step 1: Take the printed chart paper and mark 7cm lines throughout the chart and cut long strips of it.

Step 2: Now take the strips of paper and make four equivalent sizes of it.

Step 3: Make sure you have different types of designs and printed papers of the same size.

Step 4: Now roll one of the strips into circles and stick it with glue. (Tip: If the printed paper is thick then you can use a stapler too)

Step 5: Then interlace the next strip of paper and do the same. Repeat these steps until your garland is long enough to be used as décor.

Step 6: Depending on the requirement, make the garland as long as you can so that you can accommodate it to the entrance of your house.

Step 7: Your garland is ready to use. Place it on your doors or you can hang it vertically as well for a novel effect.


Your New Year’s Eve house party is simply incomplete without a bunting that screams ‘Happy New Year’. Perhaps not the most innovative DIY hack, it’s still the perfect accessory for your party as it adds that touch of festive fun, and is actually extremely easy to craft. 

Things you need

16 sheets of glittered black chart paper, 6 sheets of shimmery golden chart paper, 4 sheets of silver chart paper, wooden clips, twine/string, scissors, cutter, ruler, double sided tape or glue and gold spray paint (optional) 

Get Crafting

Step 1: Cut 16 rectangular shapes from the black chart paper. Next, cut out a triangle from the base of each rectangle. Just like shown in the pictures, you will be left with 16 banner shaped cut outs.

Step 2: Take the golden chart paper and cut out the letters that will spell ‘Happy New Year’. You can even print the letters to have a template when cutting them out. Make sure that the letters are not bigger than the shape of the banner you cut out earlier. 

Step 3: Now repeat the process with the silver chart paper, this time cutting out the numbers 2018.

Step 4: Using the double sided tape or glue, stick each letter and number on the black cards.

Step 5: It’s time to make the bunting come alive. Using the wooden clips, attach the black cards to the twine, in the right order, so that you spell out ‘Happy New Year’. Attach the numbers too, in the same manner and evenly space out the black cards on the twine.

Step 6: To ensure that your bunting remains sparkling and glittering through the night, you can spray paint the wooden clips with the gold spray paint or simply paint them using gold or silver paints.

Step 7: Voila! Your New Year banner is ready. Hang it on your front door or on a lone wall, wherever you wish to see it shine.


How can your New Year decorations be complete without a touch of gold? This bottle decoration is not only easy to make but looks like it’s come straight out of a Pinterest board and is sure to leave your guests awed and impressed.

Things you need

4 glass bottles, gold spray paint, silver foam sheets, double sided tape, scissors, pencil and plastic gloves

Get Crafting

Step 1: Take four glass bottles of any size and shape or same ones if available.

Step 2: Clean them thoroughly to get rid of dust or grease.

Step 3: Spray paint the bottles with gold spray colour but remember to wear gloves while performing this step.

Step 4: Let the paint dry and put a second coat for better coverage.

Step 5: Cut out numbers 2018 from a silver foam sheet.

Step 6: Using double sided tape stick the numbers on each bottle in the correct order.

Step 7: Your decorative bottles are ready! You can add some fairy lights for a magical look.


Make your New Year party a glamorous affair with this fabulous paper star DIY decoration. These beautiful stars are not only easy to make but can turn any party decoration from drab to fab. Stick these bright coloured stars on the walls and it’s sure to grab attention.

Things you need

2 sheets of coloured card paper (30cmx30cm), scissors, ruler, pencil, glue and double sided tape

Get Crafting

Step 1: Take a silver coloured card paper and fold it straight lengthwise and then fold the paper again width wise.

Step 2: Open the paper and now fold it diagonally to make it look like a triangle. Do the same on the other side of the paper.

Step 3: Open the paper flat and from the centre lines, mark the halfway lines (about 7cm) and from the edge of the paper, cut out each centre line until you reach the marked points.

Step 4:  As shown in the image, fold each cut inwards to meet the diagonal lines and apply the glue on one cut flap and press the other flap over it to make it look like a star. Do the same on each side.

Step 5: Repeat the same steps on another coloured card paper and glue one star atop the other. Let them dry and then using double sided tape, stick them on the walls.

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