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Friday, November 05, 2010

The name might have you confused but you simply cannot miss Dadar Mumbai 28 says Samreen Samad
With a name like Dadar Mumbai 28, we didn’t know quite what to expect. But you’ll be surprised to see how tastefully the restaurant has been done up, considering the small space. It’s a simple and sweet family restaurant that serves up Chinese and Mughlai food.
Afternoons are mostly filled with corporate people from nearby offices. The restaurant is divided into two parts — downstairs is the dining area and upstairs is a bar. The area surrounding the bar is mostly reserved for parties and accommodates around 25 people. But if it gets too crowded downstairs they open it up for dining too.
The menu is divided into starters and main course but can really be confusing because of the huge variety they have to offer in Mughlai and Chinese. But they most amazing part of the menu is that all the categories are priced the same. Indian and vegetarian Chinese starters are priced at `190, soups in vegetarian, non-vegetarian and seafood varieties are priced at `89, `99 and `130 respectively. 
We tried the Chicken Shikari kabab, chicken Kalimari kabab, Maratha kabab and chicken Chandani kabab. This was followed by sizzling vegetable and Rawas jest and lastly by Bagdadi kabab, which was chicken stuffed with minced mutton. The food was exceptionally good and quite authentic. The portions were not disappointing either.
The service is friendly and warm — the smiles don’t leave the waiters’ faces. All in all a great family neighborhood joint, good service, good location and good food.

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