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Friday, July 13, 2012

Dev Goswami visits the new Fluke outlet in Versova to find out what’s in store

Colours stare at you from every direction as you walk into Fluke in Versova. The tables are stacked with bags and home decor items, the walls are decorated with hangings and glass holders and the ceiling is filled with lamps and lighting accessories… there is not a single area of space that has not being utilised. You would think that Fluke would look messy; however it is anything but that. Everywhere you turn, a new item surprises you and we liked that everything was within reach.

Fluke specialises in hand painted products and from rare items such as a gramophone in working condition and painted in a chessboard design, to lamps and chairs, there are a lot of fun décor options available here.

The first thing you notice is their collection of handbags and purses (`3,500 onwards) because they have a lot of them. From small clutches to larger handbags, you will find a variety at Fluke, all of which have intricate designs. If standing out among the crowd is what you aim for, then you should pick up one of these purses.

While their bags are amazing, the true class of the store lies in its range of home accessories. The lamp holders shaped and painted to look like branches (`1,800), stools painted to look like slippers (`14,000 for a pair) and a kettle which looks like its spewing out blood (`1,800) are just some of the interesting products that caught our eye.

One of the best things about Fluke is that they have tried to use as many products as possible to accessorise the store itself. So, the ring of upturned buckets (`14,000 onwards depending on the number of buckets you want) which functions as a chandelier (we loved this product) is displayed the best way it possible can be — by lighting up the store. Similarly, the table which holds the purses is also for sale and all the legs have been painted with a different colour making it unique and hard to miss.

They also have a range of necklaces and earrings (`1,200 onwards) and cute wall hangings which are perfect to jazz up a plain wall. Another interesting range is their collection of water tumblers (`600). 

The only thing that I felt was a little boring was that the chessboard design was repeated too many times. Of course, the products featuring the design are available in other designs, but if they had just switched around the placement to keep the similar designs away from each other, the store would look more appealing.

We recommend that you visit Fluke at least once, if not for yourself, then to pick unique gifting options.

Where It’s A Fluke, JP Road, Seven Bungalows, Versova, Andheri (E)



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