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At A Crossroad

Friday, July 06, 2012

Dev Goswami visits Crossroads 92 in Borivali, which is situated at a crossroad! He tells you how this new restaurant fills a gap in north Mumbai’s culinary scene

Borivali is not particularly famous for its restaurants, that’s why we weren’t sure of what to expect when we entered Crossroads 92. The nice ambiance was not expected and gave us the feeling of being in south Mumbai. It started making sense when co-owner of Crossroads 92, Nigel D’souza, explained the whole idea behind the restaurant. The dearth of dining places in Borivali that offers good music and ambiance accompanied by lovely food made them start Crossroads 92.

The restaurant, with its soft music, inviting ambiance and wall to wall windows, certainly made us feel they were on the right track. So far so good. But, the food is what matters at the end of the day. Crossroads 92 serves a mix of Italian, American, European and Oriental cuisine. It is hard to identify one single cuisine as most of the dishes are a blend of two.

We started off with Thai Fish Cakes (`210), Soya Grilled Chicken (`180) and Cottage Cheese Parcels (`215). The fish cakes were spiced with oriental herbs and spices. The cakes themselves were a bit dry which is why the Arugula mayo served alongside becomes an integral part of the dish. The sweetness of the mayo does ruin the spiciness of the cakes but the dish is still worth a try.

The chicken was perfectly grilled and the soya infusion works very well with it. The Cottage Cheese Parcels is a unique dish and is made of cubes of marinated cottage cheese in a rice sheet basket and is garnished with basil pesto.

The next dishes to follow included a not-yet-on-the-menu vegetarian Lasagna and Butter Pepper Prawns (both `280). The prawns turned out to be filling, but the flavour was quite bland. The Lasagna on the other hand didn’t disappoint us. True to their spirit of making each dish unique, it was deep-fried and not baked. While it might not earn points for its healthiness it gets full points for taste. Delightfully rich and creamy, it was perfection on plate and we hope they get it on their menu at the earliest.

For dessert, we had the Coconut Flan (`100) which was departure from the normal creamy and chocolate desserts that we are used to. They don’t serve alcohol as yet but have a variety of mocktails. Try the Adam’s Apple (`150) and Cucumber Fresh (`200).

Overall, the Mumbai suburb needed a place like this and Crosswords 92 delivers. There are a few hiccups here and there but the ambiance and the food make it worth a visit.

Where ShoCrossroads 92, Devidas Extension Road, Borivali (W)
Contact 28952060
Meal for two `1,200
Alcohol served No

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