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Art On The Wall

Friday, July 18, 2014

Mumbai may not be very well-known for it, but there are several stretches in the city where you’ll find walls covered in graffiti – and no, we don’t mean the paan stains or the omnipresent ‘Stick no Bill.’ We are talking actual art, full of colours and symbolism. The 48hrs Team asked a few photographers to share some of the beautiful, emotive wall art in the city that caught their eye

From the by-lanes of Bandra and Colaba to an entire street in Matunga, there are several spots in the city where you’ll find wall art thriving like you’ve never seen it before. Read on as we speak to photo enthusiasts from the city (as well as a graffiti artist!) to bring you some of the best graffiti in the city.
“This picture conveys various messages; all concerning momos! This piece of art adorns the door of Kalpana, a tiny bakery on Chapel Road, Bandra (w). I took this picture because I found it funny that someone put out warnings against momos!”
— Nathanial D Costa, 27-years-old

“I came across this one when I was recceing for a shoot at Chapel Road. Once I saw the funky quote and design, I couldn’t resist clicking a picture. I dedicate this picture to my assistant, Sarah.”
— Jaina Kumar, 25-years-old

“This one, located at an archway of JJ School of Art, appealed to me because it is just so cute. The use of the archway is brilliant and it tells a simple story, of a cat trying to squeeze into a space that is clearly too small for him. The artist’s creativity is what stands out here.”
— Karna Tanna, 26-years-old

“I think this one is a landmark graffiti! While it is a tribute to old Bollywood films, what I love most about it is the brilliant use of colours.”
— Jaina Kumar, 25-years-old

“I took this picture at Waroda Road. This is a piece by graffiti artist Minzo. Its on a wall that sports graffiti from various other artists as well. This one just happened to catch my eye!”
— Nathanial D Costa, 27-years-old

“These pictures were taken in Matunga, where there is a stretch of walls, all decked up with in graffiti. I took the pictures while filming a documentary on a graffiti artist. The entire stretch is incredible. It looks amazing, with a range of colours, but as you start to interpret the details, you are struck with wonder. These walls don’t just look good, they are also filled with layers of meanings and reflections. These reflections are about society, and the city of Mumbai. There are some walls that do comment on society, these are direct insights into the artist’s mind, the artist’s mental conflicts or perspective towards a situation. They are neat, highly imaginative, and almost mystical in appearance. Their details are immensely thought-provoking.”
— Poulomi Saha, 23-years-old

Going behind the scenes
Okay, we aren’t actually taking you to the scene of graffiti being painted on the wall, but we did do the next best thing — talk to a graffiti artist. Zake is the writer name of a popular graffiti artist who is a part of the crew, DIS (Doing Insane S**t). He also has a Facebook page — www.facebook.com/zakegraffiti — with over 1,000 likes. One of the first things we asked him was the reason he likes drawing and painting graffiti. He told us, “I come from an art background and am actually studying art right now, which is the reason that I am drawn to graffiti. Even though this is an expensive hobby, the feeling of seeing your name up everywhere is great.”

Want to find Zake’s graffiti? According to him, some of the best spots in the city for graffiti include Raey Road and the Palm Beach Road. Before he signs off, he gives us an insight into how graffiti usually takes shape. He explains, “A graffiti piece take a lot of practise to complete — the location is judged on the basis of visibility and the nature and condition of the wall (very important for our artwork to stay in place for longer). The design differs from person to person so it’s difficult to explain exactly how its done. But it usually starts with a few sketches of the letters of your name, which are later filled in with colours and effects and then finished with an outline. Sometimes, a short message, if required, can also be added and this can be something personal. The process is usually unpredictable because its fast, and no one follows any rules while painting. We just go with the flow.”

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