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A Sweet Ride

Friday, May 22, 2015

Throw out your diet charts, hide your weighing machine and give in to temptation! This weekend, indulging is the only thing that the 48hrs Team has on its mind. Find out what delicious treats they’re vouching for at some of the best bakeries in the city

Right now, you’re probably nodding enthusiastically, excited to find out what we have in store for you. Or, you may be pretending to be displeased with us. After all, you’ve been on such a winning streak with your diet, why would we ruin it all by openly advocating all these guilty treats? Don’t worry! Indulging in a delicious dessert once in a while won’t hurt you or your waistline. And, we’re not just saying this so that we have an excuse to go overboard. Several studies have shown that the best diets are those that keep you satisfied, not those that leave you feeling disgruntled about having to give up on your favourite foods. So, keep reading as we bring you our picks of the best desserts across Mumbai. We also talk to a few food enthusiasts to find their favourites and tell you about what dessert trends to get on board with this year. 

Cupcakes at Le15 Patisserie
If you’re a resident of Mumbai or know someone who’s been living here for a while, you’ve probably heard them raving about the cupcakes. Actually, you’ve probably gotten wind of rave reviews of all the desserts at Le15 Patisserie! We aren’t complaining — they are worthy of each and every mention. From Belgian Chocolate and Peanut Butter to Oreo and Red Velvet, the patisserie offers unique, delicious flavours. And, that’s not all! You should definitely try their macarons as well.

Cookies at Sweetish House Mafia
Sweetish House Mafia started on a really small scale — Neha Sethi, the owner, initially sold the cookies out of her car. But, after gaining huge popularity, the venture has expanded and the brand has set up base in Mathurdas Mills in Lower Parel. Their Nutella Sea Salt cookies have given the term melt-in-the-mouth new meaning — they’re buttery and filled with nutella. This is definitely what dreams are made of! You can also try their Double Chocolate Chip Cookie, which will transport you to another world!

Dark Chocolate Eclairs at Country of Origin
Country of Origin offers some of the best cheesecakes in town. From Lemon to Blueberry, their flavours will make you go weak in the knees. And, since you’ve already visited for the desserts, you might as well try their Dark Chocolate Whisky Eclairs. The name is tempting enough and the delectable combination of chocolate and whisky is just what you need after a hectic day at work. We suggest you head there right now to try it out!

Bread Pudding and Mawa Cakes at Kyanis
This Irani cafe and bakery is a gem and is one of the oldest standing relics of old Bombay. You could go there for a filling breakfast of Kheema Ghotala or order their burgers for a quick lunch. But, before you leave, make sure to try their amazing Bread Pudding and Mawa Cakes, they are to die for! Subtly sweet, the bread pudding is the perfect end to a meal or a great accompaniment to tea. Try a Mawa cake or two, and you’re sure to come back for more.

Desserts at The Rolling Pin
From cakes, pastries and desserts to assorted breads, there is nothing you won’t find at The Rolling Pin. This quirky bakery at Lower Parel is quite the hangout spot for young and old alike. Try their Belgian Dark Chocolate and signature Choco Mousse Bar, which is shaped like a chocolate bar. And
believe us when we say that their desserts taste just as good as they look!

Macarons at Sugar Rush
While Sugar Rush has an assortment of cupcakes that will make you go weak in the knees, they also have a wide variety of macarons that are just as good, if not better than others in MUmbai. From red velvet to coffee, we are big fans of the sheer variety of flavours that they have on offer.

Sinful pastry at La Folie
The two branches of this phenomenal dessert place offers numerous desserts for you to try. They have some of the best desserts and pastries in the city, though they are a little overpriced. Try their Infinite Caramel dessert and Grandma’s Carrot Patch Cake. And if you’re still in doubt, read our review of their latest branch, which recently opened its doors at Lower Parel.

Mini cupcakes at Guilt Trip
The mini cupcakes at Guilt Trip are so cute, they just have to take precedence over anything else that the store may have on offer. The tiny, bite-sized cupcakes are reasonably priced (Rs 100 for a box of six) and are the perfect way to try the varied flavours they have to offer. The Death by Chocolate Truffle is a delicious option that you should definitely try. Our other recommendations include the Cookies & Cream, Sea Salt Caramel and Chocolate Ecstasy.

Hot chocolate at Theobroma
Theobroma does have an excellent range of sweet treats on offer, but their hot chocolate is something that you’ll remember the place by. So much so that this is a drink that we wouldn’t mind indulging in even on a hot, sunny day — as long as we find a place to sit in the air-conditioned restaurant, of course. The Chocoholic is another dessert that is quite popular here. Made of three layers of chocolate mousse — white, milk and dark — it’s an indulgent treat for all chocolate fans out there. Speaking of chocolate fans, you should also try the Overload Brownies, which will literally overload you with lots and lots of chocolate.

What does Mumbai love?
We spoke to a few food enthusiasts in the city to find out where they go to get their sweet fix. Read on to find out what they recommend.  

“I absolutely love the Dark Chocolate Eclairs at  Country of Origin. They are a must-try! You get a hint of whiskey at the end of each bite and that definitely gives me a kick. My mouth starts watering every time I think of them!” 
— Sadhika Menon, 26-years-old

“I love the mango and blueberry cheesecake at Theobroma. I also enjoy the pineapple cake and plum cake at Desiree in Bandra. Even though the plum cake is a little expensive, it’s worth every penny.” 
— Divya Prabhu, 22-years-old

“I absolutely love the breads at The Rolling Pin! I first visited when it opened and have been going back over and over again to stock up on their assortment of breads. Their desserts are just as phenomenal and the place is great for a quick meal or a lazy afternoon brunch.”
— Mansi Dharia, 21-years-old

“My current favourite is the delicious Nutella & Sea Salt Cookie at Sweetish House Mafia. It’s crisp on the outside, gooey and chocolatey on the inside. If you eat it slightly warm, it’s completely irresistible! Chocolate with a pinch of sea salt leaves the kind of taste on your palate that makes you crave for more. Located at Todi Mills, this tiny hole-in-the-wall store is extremely famous for their cookies.”
—- Desha Gehi, 25-years-old

Chef Speak
Food trends have come a long way through the ages, and there are now trends in practically every discipline of cuisine. Likewise, whether you may have noticed or not, trends catch on when it comes to dessert too! We spoke to a few patisseries to find out what trends the year has seen so far.

Getting creative with customisation
Tabassum Hasan, founder of Guilt Trip, emphasises on customisation. She says, “Today we can customise everything to perfection — not just cakes and cupcakes, but even dessert jars, cake pops and macarons. It’s a great way to eat your dessert and have it too! At Guilt Trip, we specialise in customisation and make everything exactly they way you want. Creativity with customisation is the hottest trend this season. From going sugar free to eating your favourite character on your macaron, everything is possible! I think that is a game changer this year.”

The dessert experience
Chef Sanjana Patel of La Folie Patisserie tells us, “I believe choux pastry and éclairs, as a product category, will pick up and go on to challenge cupcakes and macarons. Also, people want an experience rather than just taste a product. We are getting a lot of requests for sit down dinners and plated desserts. People who love hosting parties at home or elsewhere are demanding a more engaging experience for their guests. Dessert has become an integral part of a dining experience and it is my belief that it will continue to do so. Nostalgia also plays an important role. We love and will always love Indian sweets. So, customers are demanding fusion desserts, something that has multiple textures, bold flavours and a modern presentation style, but also one that retains a little Indian touch.

Different types of chocolates
“2015 has seen a lot of evolution when it comes to desserts. Earlier people didn’t understand single-origin Belgian chocolate with 72% cocoa. However, now customers ask if we have very dark chocolate. People were unaware of what French macarons were, but today people are educated — they understand florentines and Amarena cherry. Consumers tastes have evolved, so much so that they are now moving away from compound chocolate and towards Couverture chocolate,” Aditya Gupta, partner at The Rolling Pin,
tells us.

Presentation taking precedence
Neha Sethi, founder of Sweetish House Mafia, says, “There has been a rise in pretty desserts in the market. Presentation is being given a lot of importance and is pulling in customers. Besides that, bakers are definitely becoming very creative, trying to mix savoury with sweet and using new flavours such as green tea.”

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