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A guide for the prankster in you

Friday, March 30, 2018

April Fools’ Day is around the corner and you’re going to need a bevy of pranks ready to play on unsuspecting victims. So, show your mischievous side as Sunny Rodricks brings you pranks that you can pull on your friends, colleagues and family members

April Fools’ Day and the gloves come off. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Each person is left to fend for themselves since you could be pranked at every corner. At home, your siblings are waiting to get you. At the office, a wily colleague could make you the butt of everyone’s laughter... unless you take it to them first. However fun pranking others is, it’s best not to go overboard or let your pranks get out of control. Don’t blame us if you get on your boss’s bad side or if you have to sleep on the couch for a week.


Now’s the time to draw from that faithful prankster on The Office. However, their pranks can get extreme, so we’ve toned them down a bit. Take a look.

Balloon galore

Want to pull a prank on your boss this April Fools’ Day? Here’s what you can do. This classic prank never gets old, but you’ll need to get in to work really early to pull this off. Blow up balloons and fill your entire boss’s cabin with them. Don’t leave any corner untouched; from his desk to his drawers and even cupboards, there should be so many balloons in the cabin that your boss won’t be able to make his way to his chair.

Desk assault

This prank requires a certain level of dedication, but the results speak for themselves. If a colleague loves puppies or is gaga over a particular superhero, plaster their desk and everything on it with posters and pictures of this thing. Their desk should be covered with the face of Amitabh Bachchan, for instance. Or, you could go the other way. Use what causes them mortal fear, such as spiders, or even... zombies!

Happy birthday, mate

Does your office celebrate employees’ birthdays by cutting a cake and singing Happy Birthday? Pull a fast one on the entire office this April Fools’ Day. Here’s how. Get a cake (perhaps, even with a Happy Birthday message), gather your co-workers and take it to a victim’s desk. Then, before he/she has a chance to explain that it isn’t their birthday, get everyone to sing a loud round of Happy Birthday. Up the ante by buying balloons and streamers. This works best with a super nice officemate who doesn’t like hurting people’s feelings.


Pranking your partner or parents can come at a cost, so be careful. It pays to know how your girlfriend or boyfriend will react before taking them to Pranksville.

A special gift

We all know how much girls love... cockroaches! Give your girlfriend a “special gift” this April Fools’ Day. Fill a box with plastic cockroaches and hand it to her. Tell her you just felt like getting her a present, for no reason at all. After all, why do you need a reason to get her a gift? Put a cryptic message on the card, something like, “Girl, you crawled right into my heart!” Oh, and it pays to wear layers of clothes to cushion the blows you’re likely to receive after.

Call for you

Disclaimer: This prank may overstep personal boundaries, so make sure you and your boyfriend are completely comfortable before pulling this one. Swipe your boyfriend’s phone and change your name in it to his best friend’s. Then, ring him up and hang up as many times as possible. His friend’s name will flash on his screen, leaving him irritated. Finally, ring him up but don’t disconnect the call. Watch him give his bestie a piece of his mind... only to find out that it’s actually you on the other line.

Broken handle

Give your parents an early morning scare! Colour the underside of their mug handle with a red dry erasable marker a few minutes before they will use it. Then place the mug as it was back in the cupboard. Make sure that they can’t see the colour you’ve put on. When your parents set the mug down, they will find their hands covered in red ink and will think that they are bleeding. Use a dry erase marker so that it can be cleaned off easily.


There is no better love then that which exists between siblings or best friends. You get into fights but are still besties for life. And, here are a few pranks to get one over on your siblings or friends. It’s a bonus if you can get it on camera!


If your brother loves to sleep like a lion, this one should get on his nerves. Get many alarm clocks, and set an alarm on each one half an hour apart, starting at 5am. Hide them around their room so that they are difficult to find. This prank will drive your brother up the wall, so expect retaliation.

Foot art

If your sister loves to wear sandals (and steals yours!), then this prank will serve two purposes. Using black shoe polish, coat the inside of the sandals that your sister loves to wear. Place them back on the rack innocently and wait... A shriek will alert you to the fact that this prank has played out to it conclusion.

Stationary stationery

Does your best friend love bright, colourful stationery? From staplers to pencils and even scissors, you can include them all in this near perfect prank. All you need is a pack or two of jelly powder, some water and an essential piece of office stationery. Prepare the jelly and set a fond pair of scissors or even a favourite stapler in it! Then place it on their desk in all innocence.

Setting ground rules

Avoid pulling pranks that are rude, dangerous, damaging or hurtful. Always know your audience and live by these ground rules.

  • Don’t destroy property: Whether you’re pulling a prank at the office or in the comfort of your home, damaging property is a serious offence. Don’t ruin the paint on someone’s car, break someone’s desktop monitor or stain their clothing. These are not pranks; that’s just plain vandalism.
  • Don’t cause major disruptions: Minor disruptions are fine, but don’t do anything that would cause a major disruption or harm someone’s privacy. Things such as pulling the fire alarm, unleashing stink bombs or messing with your company’s servers are a strict no-no! You don’t want to get into unnecessary trouble.
  • Don’t cause bodily injury: This goes without saying. Jokes and pranks are meant to make people laugh, not hurt them physically... or even emotionally. Make sure that your pranks are safe, clean and funny.
  • Don’t cross the line: Don’t engage in so-called humour that targets a person’s race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation. That is never acceptable! Even if you don’t intend to be malicious, you will come across as the bad guy. Stick to general jokes and humour.

April Fools’ Day traditions

You know that April Fools’ Day is a day on which people can play practical jokes and pranks on one other and no one can hold it against you. But there’s more to it than that. Here’s how it is celebrated in other parts of the world.

In France, April 1 is also known as Poisson d’Avril (or April Fish). On this day, people attach paper fish to the backs of unsuspecting friends and colleagues to celebrate the day, which can be traced back to the nineteenth century, as evidenced by the many postcards from that time depicting the practice.

In Ireland, the April Fools’ Day tradition goes thusly: An unsuspecting person is chosen and a letter given to him or her. He or she is told to deliver this letter to another person. When the victim (the one carrying the letter) arrives at the  destination, the person receiving the letter sends them to yet another person, saying the letter is actually for this new person. The letter reads, “Send the fool even further.”

In Scotland, the April Fools’ Day celebrations last for two days. The first is dubbed Huntigowk Day, and the second Taily Day, when pranks are focused on people’s posteriors. Supposedly, this is the origin of the “kick me” signs that have come to be associated with the day. Victims of April Fools’ Day pranks in Scotland are called gowks (cuckoo birds).

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