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A different view of the world

Friday, September 28, 2018

Travelling is fun, even if you are doing it alone. Makarand Chothe offers some tips

Wow! You are travelling solo!” “It’s not safe to travel solo!”, “Who clicks your pictures if you travel solo?". How do you manage to travel so much?" These are the types of questions I get all the time. My answer remains the same, "You should be able to travel, that's it."

Travelling is really simple. It depends on where you travel and with whom you travel. It is really important to research everything about a place before you travel. One should know exactly where one should travel; how are the people there; what kind of food is easily available; how friendly the people are; what kind of transport is convenient; the stay options…

When I plan to travel to any new place, the most important thing to look out for is someone who has already been there. It does not matter if the person has travelled a month earlier or ten years earlier. It is said that it is wise to learn from others’ mistakes, and that is 100℅ true. Talking really helps. I am always surprised to get a great deal of important information from them instead of scratching my head on the Internet.

Consider the accommodation. Is it cheap, expensive, comfortable, cozy? That’s the next step. The first thing you need to check is if it is safe. When I travel solo, whether it is a five-star hotel or a hostel, I make sure it is safe and that all my belongings are with me. There are many stay options for travellers. I prefer to stay in hostels. They are cheap and also good for networking with other travellers. People who travel solo will always share a lot of information once you start talking to them.

While travelling it is always best to not to over-pack your bag. People often over-pack, with all the unnecessary things remaining untouched from the start of their journey to the end. New travellers always pack their bags with excitement, and a lot of energy is involved in packing. Never carry things which you are not going to use, or else you will waste all your energy in carrying your backpack from one place to another and then be too tired for sightseeing. Use my secret—'Pack your bag twice or thrice'. We often filter out stuff while repacking.

Make sure you have booked your hotel or hostel or other stay options, and the transport. Take a printout of the confirmation; it is always best. I agree one must save paper, but you can even use a sheet that has already been used on one side. Mobile phones are not dependable, as we use them for many things—to call, take pictures and videos… it might crash just when you need it. At such times, a print is always handy.

Travelling is fun. It makes you look at the world very differently. There are many aspects of life we can never see if we do not travel. Travelling make a person responsible. While travelling one has to take many quick decisions and find solutions to deal with any panic situations that might occur.

Keep travelling! Grow more!

Makarand Chothe is an avid traveller, who also organises treks.

Quick facts

Before you travel, ensure you find out as much about the place as you can—ideally, through someone who has been there before.

Don’t overpack; you will just have to manage carrying all the things you can actually do without.

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