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You are what you think

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Farhana Vohra tells Pearl Mathias that the key to success is always people management

Business Facilitator and Life Coach in the field of training and self development, Farhana Vohra has 25 years of experience in the business. In hindsight, she tells us that the key to success was always people management. “We forget that it’s only people that will help us grow in every which way. As my journey into self-development has been very long, I have actively pursued understanding of the human psyche.” Farhana’s work places emphasis on emotional intelligence and softer skills, for example, managing with the heart and mind.

What motivated her to venture into this field? She tells us she was always interested in the esoteric part of life. “We are a complex being of many different compositions, and the way we think and feel and then respond is fascinating. Yet, it all starts with a single thought; the way we think shapes everything in our life. And if there has to be a positive change it all starts with awareness of our thinking and then feeling. I facilitate that space for change to happen in the most positive way.”

She explains Positive Psyche, one of her most popular workshops. Not EQ or IQ, but PQ ® (Positive Intelligence Quotient) is the percentage of time your mind is serving you as opposed to sabotaging you. Your PQ indicates how much mastery you have over your mind. Research has shown this to be the greatest predictor of how successful you will be, and how happy and fulfilled you will feel along the way.

Emotional Intelligence is a big factor in improving workspace productivity, and Farhana says, “EI is the buzzword and most corporates will subtly check the Emotional Quotient of a person. This makes them good team leaders and partners. Emotional intelligence is a tool that you either have or can be developed. It’s the key to understanding the other person, be it in relationships at work or personal. An emotional intelligent person is able to get the best performance from co-workers and the team. This in turn boosts the morale and improves overall performance.”

Farhana hosts various programmes such as Positive Psyche Positive Me, The Inner Wellness and Authentic Leadership, among others, all edging towards bettering lives and maximising personal and professional success. The focus is to create awareness of the inner state of mind and uncover limiting beliefs and negative thought processes. They also help to create awareness about a healthy inner environment so that it reflects positively on output, productivity and relationships.

“The external environment certainly matters. However there is an even more important environment in which we work: the environment between our ears. We call this ‘Inner Environment’. The inner environment is made up of our thoughts, feelings, assumptions, beliefs, and attitudes, past experiences, desires and needs. We constantly try to control the external environment; however we pay very little attention to the state of our mind, which can hinder our ability to respond spontaneously and resourcefully to any situation affecting performance in a big way,” she says.

We asked the entrepreneur how women can be successful and she says, “A business venture is thought about for its value, do not think in terms of being a woman. That itself is self-limiting. Business is done for profitability. Look at it as a whole plan, from the concept to factors that go into making it a success. If you are entering a male dominant industry, get all the information and be prepared. Being prepared is confidence. A final word of caution: do not doubt yourself; in self-doubt is failure.”

Solve the problems

How to overcome obstacles that may come your way when setting up a business
The common obstacles that we face in setting up a business is usually, full information, detailed financial planning, a fall-back on resources if needed. And if possible get a good business consultant that can understand your needs and give you a good business plan. There will be obstacles and part of the success in life and work is overcoming these hurdles as and when required. Challenges will be part of business, and you will need to be adept at solving problems. Being an entrepreneur is becoming a master at solving problems.

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