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Winding Windows

Thursday, March 08, 2018

An asset to every home and an important part of the interiors, windows, quite literally, light up your home. Pranika Sharma tells you how to experiment with window styles to enhance their beauty

While designing our homes we wish for every aspect of the interior to suit our style. But, we often forget -about our windows. With the sunshine streaming in and droplets of rain splattering across the glass windows, windows are our connection to the outside world. But, windows are not just another basic feature of home décor, and so, we look at some of the traditional and contemporary window styles that have been around and try to tweak them to placate your taste and style.

Bay windows
These windows are ones that protrude outward, creating a bay or an alcove inside the room. They make the room look spacious, and at the same time cordon off a particular area, making for a cosy reading corner or the perfect space for intimate gatherings.

On the outside, they usually have three sloping components as opposed to the regular single-sided. They were an ornamental addition to houses in the Baroque era in Western Europe, but this medieval window style structure has been resurrected to suit more contemporary tastes.

Pick this style if you want to create a small alcove in your bedroom or living room. For an authentic look, frame the window on the outside with wooden panels and add transoms (horizontal beams above the door for reinforcement) or arches. However, if you are looking for a modern aesthetic, then leave the window bare, frame it with a thin metallic frame that shows off more of the glass.

Skylights and high windows
Brightening a gloomy room, skylights are essentially windows attached to the roof that allows natural light to flow in. Similarly high windows are installed high up on walls, closer to the ceiling, for the same purpose. Dating all the way back to ancient Rome, skylights and high windows have re-emerged in modern day architecture.

If you are looking to brighten your home without having to waste the wall space, these would make for an ideal choice. Especially apt for the kitchen and dining areas of a home, an all-glass skylight will flood the area with natural sunlight. For a view of the treetops, pick an angled skylight; install one in a classic style if you want to spend the rest of your evening under a starlit sky.

Pick a Victorian style (comprising of wooden frames and transoms) for your skylight or high window, which is in style. Alternatively, you could go the minimalist route with thin, white frames at the borders.

Window walls
If you have a view to die for, then why hide it behind a solid brick wall? Instead, convert the wall into a floor-to-ceiling window! Floor-to-ceiling glass windows make for luxurious and elegant interiors, giving the room a spacious feel, all the while making your home look like it’s a part of the stellar view.

Offering an airy openness similar to that of a sunroom, window walls can easily be placed in living rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms. If you have a balcony or veranda, you can install foldable or sliding wall windows that will open out into the veranda. But, if you are living in a sky-high penthouse, then simply choose an all-glass, frameless wall window that allows you a view of the patch of the city in your horizon.

Contemporary windows
The world is going minimalistic and the same is true for window styles. Suitable for a modern taste, contemporary windows are defined by monochromatic and simple architectural styles. These windows are made out of see through glass and are encased in a black metallic frame. They can be sliding or foldable windows that let the rays of the sun through, but at the same time maintain your privacy.

Meant for bedrooms or other smaller rooms, these windows are cutting edge and have limited design styles. They can be made energy efficient to absorb the energy of the sun and keep the room warm without the use of a radiator. Experiment with contemporary windows by moulding them into different styles such as foldable, casement enclosed or double hung. And, consider geometric shapes and patterns, which are all the rage.

Stained glass windows
If you’re looking to give your home a vintage vibe, stained glass windows are your best bet. Originally used in mosques and churches, stained glass windows tell a story of their own. With colourful designs and patterns, these windows give a kaleidoscopic look to your home. Ideal for just about any room in the home, these windows complement wooden interiors. Since they are smaller in size compared to regular windows, you can use them for your entryway, above doors or even as a decorative window encased in a door for your home or bathroom.

Don’t settle for simple window styles. Use these tips to decorate your windows.

Wind chimes and dreamcatchers: Add aesthetic beauty to plain windows by hanging small and pretty accessories such as a dreamcatcher or wind chimes.

Blinds: Instead of opting for curtains, make use of quirky blinds with prints, which are practical and yet trendy for the windows.

Bird cages: Tasteful accessory to add to your window sill, especially if you have an alcove window seating area, bird cages don’t have to house birds, but can be used to liven up boring or plain interiors.

Plants: Bring nature within. Give your space a fresh feel with small potted plants, succulents or even hanging creepers.

Fairy lights: These dim lights will instantaneously light up your window space. Hang a string of fairy lights around your window or get creative and hang them in a decorative shape such as a star.

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