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Tile Right

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Houses are getting smaller every passing year — put it down to that dreaded (and confusing) loading factor every builder likes to quote! Anindra Siqueira tells you how tiles can help accentuate the look of your home and make it look spacious

If you’ve sensed it, but couldn’t put your finger on it, your gut feeling was right! Rooms are getting smaller in a city that’s already crunched for space. Storing your necessaries is one thing, but don’t let the tiny rooms bring you down — the aesthetics of a space can profoundly affect your mood. And, as Dr. Sanjay Bahadur, Global CEO of the Construction Chemical Division at Pidilite Industries, rightly says, “Rising real estate prices mean smaller living spaces for most. Interior designers try every trick to create space saving furniture and décor and also to create the illusion of space in small homes.”
Recently, we told you about the different types of floor tiles available and how you can pick based on your budget and requirements. But, tiles can be used for so much more than just covering your floors. Here we tell you how you can bring out the character of a room using tiles, if you’re thinking about retiling your home.

Size matters
“A major factor of interior décor is tiling,” Dr. Bahadur tells us. Picking the right colour is one thing — everyone has their own preferences. But, choosing the right size of tile can help perk up a room greatly. Pick wrong, however, and you could end up with a cramped-looking space. “One of the basic rules of making a room look larger is to avoid the ‘busy’ look on your tiles.

This busy look refers to small tiles that are laid in a pattern, which means many more grout lines and, in a sense, a cluttered look for your room. When dealing with tiles to snag a spacious look, the bigger the better,” Dr. Bahadur says. Priyanka Padode, founder of DezignGenie, echoes that sentiment. She tells us, “Large tiles are an emerging trend today and can be used in any space.”

The illusion of space
Yes, you can do that with tiles too, and not just with mirrors. Dr. Bahadur tells us that just as with clothing, black can make a room look smaller too. So if you want to give the illusion of more space, stay away from dark colours. He says, “Dark colours will condense a space while lighter colours will give the illusion of a larger dimension.” He adds that glass tiles are gaining popularity as wall tiles as they reflect light and create the illusion of more space.

Seamless spaces
Another tip when talking about grout is that it should match the colour of your tiles. This is often overlooked, but if done correctly, can give your room a great sense of continuity. Dr. Bahadur says, “Many people prefer to use marble tiles for their floors because it gives them larger tiles to work with and creates a seamless look.”

An alternative to partitioning
Often, as families grow, space needs to be demarcated. For example, you may need to section off your living room to create a small space for a bed, or you may want to segregate your kitchen and dining areas. Instead of putting up walls, you can use floor tiles to make a clear, but not physical partition. Dr. Bahadur has an even better suggestion. He says, “Stone tile murals on the walls can also generate a sense of a separate space for demarcation within a room itself.” Priyanka adds, “Handcrafted concrete tiles with intriguing open designs can be used as partitions, bringing a striking look and texture to the interior space.”

Monochrome for a bathroom
Give your bathrooms a bold and contemporary look by using an intriguing pattern of white and black. If you’re not fond of the black and white look, non-square interlocking tiles in simple white shades can give a bathroom a grand look and feel.

Style for a bedroom
Don’t choose bright colours such as pink, red and green for your bedroom. Instead, choose earthy tones — white, grey or charcoal shades — for a touch of elegance. Having design tiles around the border of a bedroom can create a soothing ambience. Neelanjan Gupto, interior designer, Neelanjan Gupto Design Company, tell us, “Bedrooms should exude warmth, so use subtle-coloured tiles. Some people prefer wood-textured flooring, but you need to make sure that such flooring is of superior quality.”

Expert Tip
One thing to keep in mind is that it’s better to pay a little extra for good quality materials. If a section comes loose after a while, you’ll most likely have to change all the tiles in the room. Dr. Bahadur says, “The right product with the right kind of tile can ensure that the tiles will get never get loose or crack until you decide it’s time for a home revamp. Stone tiles, especially those that are porous, should be treated with a product to maintain their integrity and enhance their longevity.”

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