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The Organic Way

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Young entrepreneur Shubhika Jain has introduced 100% organic, vegan, preservative and cruelty-free luxury oils in the country. Gurjyot Kaur speaks with her to learn about her beauty and wellness brand, RAS Luxury Oils, and her experience in the field

At a young age, Shubhika Jain was equipped with the tools to turn her passion of establishing holistic balance into a business, and has introduced RAS Luxury Oils to fuse ancient Ayurveda with modern science, and to bring to the people effective and therapeutic skincare and wellness products. The brand aims to offer the best quality products crafted with only natural, plant-based ingredients, and essential oils that are free of chemicals and preservatives. The USP of the brand is that they have a completely vertically integrated process from cultivation to oil extraction, and from hand blending in small batches in their own DSIR-approved (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research) laboratory to bottling and checking for quality. Through RAS, she endorses the benefits of essential oils as well as face and body elixirs in beauty, self-healing and vitality, and urges everyone to nurture and nourish their inner magnificence to radiate beautifully. We caught up with Shubhika to find out more about the premium wellness brand. Here are excerpts from the interview.

How did you come up with the idea of creating a wellness brand based on natural ingredients?
Ever since I was a child, I have always had an affinity towards nature and I was immersed in natural rituals introduced to me by my mother — rituals that have been passed down from mother to daughter for generations in the family.

With a passion for plants and gardening, my mother, Sangeeta, created her own beauty concoctions with hand-picked flowers, herbs and other natural ingredients. This practice is what first inspired me to inculcate a natural beauty regimen of potent face and body oils instead of lotions and creams containing harmful and toxic ingredients.

What’s the main aim behind the launch of your 100% vegan brand?
RAS Luxury Oils was launched to provide the first farm-to-face skincare and wellness line in India with products containing pure, organic plant origins that are cultivated, extracted, formulated and packaged at your own facility. We want to give to people honest, fresh and all-natural skincare, which is scientific and effective. We believe in providing a completely cruelty-free product by not testing on animals, and no animal derivative ingredients are present in our products. All the ingredients are plant-based and there are potent plant and herb derivatives that can provide the best nutrients for your skin. A 100% vegan product that is ethical and made with love to bring happiness to your mind, body and soul. 

What effects do wellness products have on the mind and body?
What we surround ourselves with has a great impact on us. Our skin absorbs around 60% of what is applied to it, and so the chemicals in the skincare products that it comes in contact with go directly into our bloodstream. Even in tiny amounts these chemicals can have a huge impact on our heath and hormonal balance. So, it is important to use safe, clean and natural ingredients for our skin.

What inspired you to start your own luxury oil brand?
Our family has been involved in the oil extraction business for five years now. We have our own lab: The Aditya Biotech Lab and Research Centre, which is 20 years old. Since I joined the family business, I’ve had an interest in essential oils and skincare products. I realised that there wasn’t a brand in India that focused on organic, luxury oil-based skincare and wellness products, ones that are manufactured by them right from farm to bottle! This inspired me to start working on a brand that would give consumers 100% natural products that are effective and non-toxic!

We started product development in our R&D lab with our existing team of scientists to create world-class natural and organic skincare and wellness products, leveraging our strong research and existing presence in the industry as manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials to many brands in the wellness and skincare space in India and abroad.

What modern or ancient techniques are used in your products?
We extract essential oils through the process of steam distillation. Carrier oils are extracted using the cold-pressed method at our own unit located in Raipur. The raw materials are grown at our own farmlands. Some essential oils are sourced from around the globe. We do this to ensure superior quality and for those which do not naturally occur in India. Our Tea Tree Essential Oil is from Australia, Lavender is from Kashmir, Lemon Oil is from Italy and Sweet Orange Essential Oil is from Brazil. We use the age-old knowledge of Ayurveda and make use of herbs in our formulations, which are fused with modern scientific techniques to provide luxurious skincare products.

What is the main feature, the selling point of the oils, and what do they offer?
RAS Luxury Oils is a treasure-trove of pure and natural essences and blends that elevate radiant inner beauty and awaken the mind, body and soul. Fusing ancient Ayurvedic practices eminent in Indian culture with modern scientific research and development, our range of products is prized for their effective skincare and therapeutic properties. We believe in falling back to our roots, creating blends that resonate with one ideal: “beauty in simplicity” — simple, natural ingredients in their purest form that will bring out the best version of you!

Also, all our products are 100% natural, pure and potent with wild-crafted 100% natural origin whole plant ingredients. It’s 100% vegan, chemical and cruelty-free. As it is a vertically integrated process, we are able to monitor the product at every stage and give the customer only the best, unadulterated form of nature.

A young entrepreneur is faced with many obstacles. What sort did you meet along the way?
When I joined the family business, it was difficult for the existing staff to accept a young woman as their head. I had to prove myself to be worthy by executing tasks and handling situations in a mature and strategic manner, which made me win the support of my team.

Initially, visiting the farmer’s fields, sourcing the best raw materials and having meetings with the top executives were challenging, but now I am comfortable with it as I have developed that confidence. Good support from my family and peers has helped me overcome obstacles in an easier manner and experience has equipped me to deal with them better.

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