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Hot Or Not: Mismatched Earrings

Thursday, January 04, 2018

It’s stylish, trending and loved by many! Be it Ivanka Trump, Mandy Moore or Charlize Theron, all the beautiful ladies out there have been fascinated by the latest mismatched earring trend, which has successfully made its place not only in their wardrobe, but even in their hearts. Sunny Rodricks asked a few women across the city what they feel about the trending style.


I honestly think that it is a trend worth trying, as it has its own quirks. I would totally wear them!

– Unnati Gala, student 


Whether it’s a college look, party, a traditional functional or a casual outing, I love to pair my outfits with mismatched earrings and create my own unique style every day. It gives a designer touch to my outfits and looks elegant and noticeable in a crowd.

– Aishwarya Sawant, baker


I think the trend is really chic but wearing it with regular Indian wear might be slightly tough. It’s more suited to occasional wear or when you want to add an edge to your look. I would totally wear it to office too. It’s a fun trend, especially if you are lazy but want to look nice and different. It brightens up your look with zero effort.

– Jagruti Verma, sub editor


The concept of wearing two different earrings for a mismatched look is becoming a trend now. It is something new and will look elegant. Wearing mismatched earrings is exciting and I think it will suit both western and Indian outfits.

– Rupali Jaiswal, business development executive



“Mismatched earrings are an interesting new trend to have fun with this season. The slight imbalance catches the eye. It’s important to not go overboard with jewellery. Keep it simple! I like the stars and moon, long vs. short, ear-cuffs vs. studs, lock and key combinations. Though different, they have a sense of belonging, though mismatched, they have a sense of class peeping through their quirky elements. The key is to have fun without looking like you’re trying too hard or overdoing it.

– Ohaila Khan, designer


Mix and match earrings are cooler when it’s not styled so much. It’s not necessary that one needs to wear only bold earrings to make a fashion statement. The subtle ones like diamantes, odd shaped pearls or silver flats add quirkiness to your style. This trend is all about having fun and creating an element of the unexpected. The long feathered earrings find a special place in jewellery boxes. If you want to step up your style quotient, this is a sure way to create your identity.

– Moushumi Mitra, founder of Perrian Lifestyle

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