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Hot Or Not: Glitter Makeup

Thursday, February 08, 2018

It’s shimmering, it’s sparkling and it’s glittery. But is it up everyone’s alley? The trend of glitter makeup has taken over millennial fashion, from the runway to the streets, and you can easily spot a glitter lip here and a glitter bronzer there. Alluring though the trend may seem, it isn’t very practical and it’s perhaps even a little over-the-top. Aakriti Patni decides to find out the opinion of the masses to see how the trend is faring

Much too much

I think the glitter makeup trend is interesting, although a little too over-the-top for my style. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t mind trying it, depending on where I’m headed, of course. But, I would probably tone it down a notch and opt for a subtle way to highlight the glitter in my makeup.

– Ishika Mukherjee, content writer

Glittering away

As someone who is routinely obsessed with weird makeup trends, I think the glitter trend is a really fun one. The biggest issue is that you would have glitter all over your face all day long! But, I think liquid glitter products take care of that. I would incorporate it into my routine (and I have for a few parties!), but not on a daily basis. However, it is fun to throw on a little glitter on your cheeks or eyes once in a while, even if just heading out for lectures. It is definitely not as outlandish as some trends that float around.

– Neerja Pawar, creative writing student

The glitter and the glam

What I love about glitter makeup is the fact that it can transform your look completely. I can choose to go for a full glitter look if I’m heading out for a glamorous occasion, or I can go simple yet shimmery by adding the right amount of glitter highlighter at the right places, which will give my face a nice glow. Those who love their over-the-top makeup looks can go the full glam route, especially with glitter eye makeup, with or without the cut crease. While some may stay away from the trend, I absolutely adore makeup and love experimenting and trying out such makeup looks, so I’m definitely hopping aboard the glitter trend!

– Bharti Udasi, social media executive

Beginner’s luck

The glitter makeup look does include quite a few intriguing products — lip liners, colours, eye shadow and more, some which I have not even heard of! While glitter does sound fun to experiment with and can definitely animate a person’s look, I think the trend is more for those who are ardent makeup lovers. Since I don’t apply makeup that often, I wouldn’t be comfortable experimenting with glitter makeup.

– Komal Pawar, media graduate

An everyday dilemma

I think glitter makeup is actually pretty cool! It’s bold and vibrant and makes you stand out. While it can be jazzy and flashy, it has a flair of glamour to it. But, most people associate glitter makeup with parties or special occasions. However, I feel that it actually has the potential to be used in your everyday makeup look as well. It’s all about how you choose to incorporate it in your look that matters. You can go overboard with glitter eye shadow, lipsticks and bronzers, or you can go subtle with just one statement glitter product.

– Aayushi Soni, content writer

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