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From the land of the Maharajas

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Richa Jaipuria’s fashion jewellery blends modern style with a rich heritage

In India, the market has always been ripe for faux jewellery that looks real but is rightly priced. Finura by Richa recently entered the market, from the royal city of Maharajas; the brand showcases carefully hand-crafted earrings, necklaces, rings, and armlets.

Says chief designer: Richa Jaipuria: “The beauty of our work is to showcase our traditional art and designer ornaments to women all across the world. Finely handmade by artisans, they carry with it a rich heritage.”    

What is your own background and what got you interested in this business?
I am based out of Jaipur and my family business is nowhere related to jewellery. My dad is into real estate and manufacturing of PE Foam. My interest in making fashion jewellery is clearly out of passion. Since childhood I used to love wearing fashion jewellery and that love just increased over the years.

Tell us about Finura by Richa. When did you start producing this jewellery and how has the company grown over the years?
Finura by Richa was launched in 2013. Finura—a word that means grace and elegance—is an innate feature of our jewellery. A combination of unique elements, class and style give our products an edge and quirkiness. Handcrafted by gifted artisans, Finura is always pushing the envelope with quality and design standards, trying to touch every soul with its wearable art. In a span of four years, Finura has done numerous exhibits, shows, and has maintained supplies through various websites and stores. Next month we are launching our own e-commerce website. We continue to thrive our love for fashion through Finura.

Have you done any research on trends that have informed the kind of jewellery you manufacture? What made you think of traditional designs in an age where women are increasingly working and looking for modern designs that would go with western ensembles? Are these designs from Jaipur?
I would use the word contemporary for my designs instead of traditional. Being rooted in the culture of Rajasthan and its heritage, I have always carried culture sensibility and derive inspiration from everyday life, experimenting with fashion  moods and styles. Finura is, hence, a combination of modern style with a touch of our much cherished heritage.

What materials do you use and do you do anything to safeguard against possible allergies that some people may have to, say, materials like nickel?
We use brass as the main metal in our product and guarantee no allergies from our product. We do gold polish on our product, which is allergy-free and is of high quality.

Generally, Indian families would go in for traditional jewellery in real gold and stones for weddings. Is this changing? Do people want faux jewellery even for such occasions? If so, what is leading to this change?
Nowadays we have a trend of destination weddings, which has led to a boost in our market. As it becomes difficult for people to travel with such high-priced fine jewellery they want to be carefree and enjoy the wedding, hence they opt for fashion jewellery.

What and where is your market outside India? Within India, are they only available online or do they retail in stores?
Who doesn’t want to grow! We would love to go international with our brand and are hoping to do so with our website. Right now we are only supplying online and to various stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Ludhiana, Goa and more. Basically we are only supplying to India for now.

What is the lifespan of such jewellery? How do you keep it looking new and fresh?
We do not give you a life span; it’s up to you how you maintain the jewellery. Keeping it away from water and perfume can make it look new and fresh for a longer period of time. We have clients who are using our jewellery since years.

Any suggestions on how to pair such jewellery with the right kinds of clothes? Would they work with Western clothes?
Yes absolutely! Our jewellery works with all kinds if clothing. It’s about how you pair it up. As we mostly have statement pieces we suggest you wear minimal—for instance, if you are wearing our statement earring do not wear a neckpiece, probably a ring would be enough to pair up and stand out. We make jewellery for all kinds of occasions.

Visit Prices availiable on request.

Short Takes

  • With destination weddings in vogue, people are on the lookout for jewellery that is safe to carry while travelling.
  • If paired correctly, traditional Indian jewellery can work with Western wear as well.
  • Sticking to one statement piece is a good idea; it is best to keep it minimal.

“Keeping jewellery away from water and perfume can make it look new and fresh for a longer period of time.”

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