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Friends Or More?

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Is it butterflies in your tummy or just an infatuation because of the time you spend together? Trisha Ghoroi brings you a quiz to figure out if you’re falling in love with your best friend

There’s an old cliché that a guy and girl can’t be just friends, but times have changed and friendships are no longer restricted by gender. But, spending every waking hour with each other and talking about the smallest of things such as assignments to big dreams and being there for each other when crisis hits, can these be signs that you are falling for your best friend? Well, figuring out if you ‘love’ them or not may be a bit difficult given your friendship and you might not want to jump to a conclusion and confess your feelings immediately.  It can be an infatuation, and you definitely wouldn’t want to ruin your friendship over it. But, being confused is not going to help anyone. So, take this quiz to figure out if there’s something in the air…

1. When do you usually see him?

a) In the college cafeteria... Our whole gang meets up before lectures.

b) We carpool to college... Just the two of us, though.

c) We usually meet during weekends or whenever we have time.

2. Does he have a girlfriend?

a) No, but he does have someone in mind whom he likes.

b) No.

c) Maybe. I don’t want to ask about his love life.

3. What do you think about his ex-girlfriends?

a) Some of them were nice, some weren’t.

b) They were all horrible!

c) They were okay. We joke about them at times.

4. Would you ditch your other friends to meet him?

a) Depends on what my friends have planned.

b) Yes. I love spending time with him!

c) No, but he could join us, right?

5. How do you feel when you’re around him?

a) I am happy spending time with him.

b) I get butterflies in my stomach.

c) It’s nice to be with my best friend. We always make fun of others.

6. Do you spend time grooming yourself before you meet him?

a) Not a lot. I make sure I look decent.

b) I want to look my absolute best!

c) Nope. He has seen my ‘just woke up look’, so it doesn’t matter.

7. Would you be open to dating him someday?

a) Maybe, if I don’t find anyone else.

b) Yes!

c) No thanks. I’d rather die alone.

Mostly As: You might have some feelings for your best friend, but it’s safer to take your time and see how the feelings develop. If you recently got out of a relationship, your mind could be looking for a rebound and your best friend is right there. But, before reacting to your feelings, evaluate the situation. If need be, talk to a friend. Or just go with it and ask him if he has similar feelings. But do so only if there are signs that he might also be interested in you.

Mostly Bs: You’re definitely in love with your best friend and it’s about time you fess up. The closeness and intimacy you share may not be one sided; it’s possible that he might also be falling for you. But, before you take the step, think about the consequences. If your best friend sees you just as that, then confessing your feelings might backfire and you could lose a true friend instead of gaining a partner.

Mostly Cs: You’re not into him at all. You’re like “bros” and hang out casually without any hidden feelings. You can joke around, punch each other playfully and talk about everything under the sun. He might even come to you with girl problems, but keeping track of his dates is not your job (there are so many!). He is your best friend and you share a strong bond, but that’s all you are to each other.

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