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Floral Fantasy

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Florals have been in the spotlight for quite a while now, but we’re not talking about floral fashion. Pearl Mathias brings you a few ways in which you can style your home and workspace with flowers

We’re in love with florals, whether it’s in our wardrobe or in our hands. And, the thought of bringing some fresh blooms into our workspace or home brightens our mood. Even if you are not fortunate enough to receive a dozen roses a day, that shouldn’t stop you from picking up a bunch or two for yourself.

Flowers have a magical charm and can instantly uplift any space and mood. Anuja Joshi, marketing director at Interflora India, gives us a few tips on how to style our space using flowers. It isn’t just about bringing home a bunch of yellow florets and allowing them to sit in a vase; you can do so much more to enhance the space with them.

Create magic with motifs
The plain white colour scheme is a complete no-no this season. Make your space feel warm and welcoming with table lamps. Creative table lamps with motifs beneath are the perfect styling idea for creating a ‘wow’ look for your desk. To take it up a notch, embellish them with fresh blooms.

Get creative with centrepieces
Raw centrepieces are trendsetters this season. Colour a rock in golden or metallic (as per your décor) and give that oomph feel to your desk. It is sure to leave guests thinking about your creative genius.

Corners need attention too
Homes and offices are full of corners, but they don’t have to be boring. Attach vertical bins or place mini planters to make it feel lively as well as useful.

Enliven your space with memories
Tagging your personal spaces with pictures of your friends and family is sure to keep you going through a long and hectic day. Hang them, pin them up or frame them alongside a string of flowers to beautify them further. Doing this will evoke a sense of positivity in you.

Enchant them with fragrance
We can agree that the fragrance of a person or place keeps us engaged. So, if you wish to hold on to peoples attention for a little longer, you ought to keep your space smelling fresh and fabulous. Pots of fragrant potpourri is all you need this winter season.

Big flowers rule
Create signature décor pieces with flowers like hydrangeas, sacred lotus and oriental lilies. These flowers are sure to grab the attention of your guests instantly.

Draw patterns with a colour scheme
Choose your colour scheme sensibly. For example, a combination of white, grey and yellow is perfect for office ambiance. Your space will feel cosy and look vibrant at the same time.

A central attraction is a must
Get a giant plant from your garden and place it indoors. Decorate it with lights to set the party mood or keep it simple according to your taste.

Choose the right flowers to decorate your space. We’ve got tips from luxury flower boutique, Fiorella.

  • The first step is to pay extra attention to the colours and flowers you choose for your workspace or home.
  • The combination of white flowers with a hint of green or soft pastel shades is apt for every season. They not only beautify your space, but also give it a very fresh and appealing look.
  • Decorate with oriental lilies, tulips, roses, lisianthus, hydrangeas and daisies. Adding a hint of jasmine can lift your mood.
  • After choosing the right kind of flowers, it is important to pay attention to the arrangement. A disorganised bunch of flowers, despite how carefully you choose them, won’t be a very appealing sight to see.
  • While arranging flowers, make sure that they are in the form of nosegay bunches. The formation should be such that the bunches look well-trimmed.
  • Vases play an important role, especially when it comes to decorating your place with flowers. Pick vases that are simple yet elegant. Avoid over stuffing them with anything other than flowers. Also, make sure that they’re not too big or complex. You don’t want the focus to shift from the flowers to the vase.
  • If you’re bored of the regular flower-in-vase element, opt for other creative options. For instance, you can fill a room with flowers in a towering arrangement. After all, flowers don’t just lighten up your room, but also help you feel fresh and full of energy all day long.
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