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DTR: Define the Relationship?

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Are you ready to call him your boyfriend? Is it time to say the L-word? Krupa Joseph helps you figure out where your relationship stands

It’s no secret that relationships can be challenging. After you’ve moved past the honeymoon phase, you’re going to have to start dealing with the tough question, including one that’s the trickiest to answer — where is this relationship going? The conversation to define your relationship is a big milestone, whether it’s with a would-be boyfriend or a potential spouse. Once you’ve defined your relationship, you can move swiftly into the next phase of your commitment. That is, if you’re ready. To make sure that you’re not making a premature leap or sitting on the sidelines while he moves on, swallow that bitter pill and take this quiz to figure it all out.

1.  What do you want, romantically?
a) A boyfriend.
b) No-strings-attached fun.
c) Financial stability.
d) Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now.

2.  How often do you spend time together?
a) Every single weekend.
b) Whenever we both have time.
c) Barely.
d) Once a month.

3.  How do you communicate between dates?
a) Lots of Facetime and calls.
b) I drop in a text when I feel like meeting him.
c) Booty calls.
d) I don’t really notice.

4.  Be honest: are you seeing other people?
a) Definitely, not!
b) I just deleted my Tinder profile.
c) Yes.
d) Not necessarily. Does texting count as ‘seeing’?

5.  Where are you right now?
a) With him.
b) Out with friends.
c) At a bar.
d) On a holiday, flirting with cute guys.

6.  How do you plan on tackling the issue?
a) Face to face.
b) I will just wait for him to ask.
c) I don’t. Why ruin things?
d) Text him, maybe?

7.  Have you met his friends?
a) His friends have now become my friends too.
b) No. That’s a huge step! c) I barely see him to begin with.
d) No.

8.  Have you met his family?
a) I love his family.
b) I want to, but I don’t know if we are ready for that.
c) Not yet.
d) Of course not!

Figure it out!
Now that you’ve answered the questions (honestly, we hope), it’s time to figure out where you stand

Mostly As The two of you have probably already had the talk. If not, do it right away. Clearly you both like to spend time with each other and are into each other. However, remember, spend every waking moment thinking of him — it is important to have a life for yourself as well.

Mostly Bs You are definitely ready to have the talk. You have passed the honeymoon phase and still enjoy each other’s company, but aren’t sure if you are in a serious committed relationship. It is time you sit down, discuss and determine if he is in the same place as you.

Mostly Cs Clearly, you are not in a serious, committed relationship, and that is how you want to keep it. As long as he is on the same page as you, stay happy and have fun.

Mostly Ds You probably just want to keep it casual and that is completely okay. However, make sure he knows where you stand or else trouble could arise.

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