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Diwali treats

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Executive Sous Chef Pradeep Rao offers some sweet recipes for the upcoming festival

Steam Sandesh


Milk 7 ltrs

Sugar 300 gms

Green cardamom 10 gms

Mixed dry fruits 200 gms

Ghee 10 ml

Vinegar 200 ml


1. Boil milk and add vinegar. When it curdles, strain it through muslin cloth and shake it to drain excess water.

2. Knead the cheese to make it soft, and add sugar, cardamom powder, and dry fruits.

3. Apply ghee to the base of a tray, and pour the mix onto the tray.

4. Allow it to cool for an hour and cover with an aluminium foil.

5. Steam for 30 minutes in 180° C. When done, you can give it the desired shape.

Kaju and Pista Roll


Cashew nuts 700 gms

Pista 300 gms

Sugar substitute 800 gms

Cardamom powder 5 gms

Silver leaves to garnish.  


1. Soak cashewnuts.    

2. Blanch the pista and remove the skin.

3. Paste both separately. Add 650 gms of sugar to the cashew mixture, and 150 gms of sugar to the pista mixture.  

4. Cook both the mixes separately till sugar gets dissolved. Add cardamom powder.

5. Remove from the kadai. Make a sheet of the cashewnut, put pista in the centre and roll it.

6. Garnish it with silver leaf.  



Milk 5 ltr

Sugar 300 gm

Saffron 1 pinch

Vinegar 10 ml


1. Boil milk and add vinegar to it.

2. When it curdles, add sugar and saffron. Mix it well.

3. Cook this mixture until it gets thicker and reduces to 80%.

4. Apply ghee in a tray, pour this mixture and set in one layer.

5. Refrigerate it to get set.

Recipes courtesy: Ibis and Novotel Bengaluru, Outer Ring Road.

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