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Be a super mom!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

When you are newly married, the chances are, you want to do it all—be a great wife, run an immaculate home, cook gourmet dishes and still be a smart, efficient woman in the office. Then you have a kid, and suddenly, it all flies out of the window. You realise that you’re not superwoman, after all—not that you were ever meant to be. You acknowledge that there will be occasional dust on the sideboard—and discover, with some surprise, that the world hasn’t collapsed because of it. And gourmet meals—forget it. There are sure to be days when the family will have to make do with two-minute noodles!

The fact is, there is no such thing as Supermom, because not one of us is perfect. There are, however, lots of super moms—women who are fantastic mothers even if their hair isn’t always in place and they are buying cupcakes from the local bakery instead of doing them up from scratch.

Super moms concede that while they can’t do everything, be everywhere and look gorgeous all the time, this does not take away from their capabilities as mothers.

1. Take a deep breath First of all, stop comparing yourself to all those other moms you think are perfect. You have no idea what kind of help they have, and what their personal situation may be. Also remember that most people are pretty good at putting their best face forward in social situations. Stop beating yourself up for imagined failures, and learn to relax instead.

2. You can’t be everywhere: Accept that. Give up a few things. If you think they are really that important and you must figure out a way to clone yourself, then ask if it will really matter five years from now if you didn’t make it to your second cousin’s wedding in another city when you have a school-going kid to take care of. For that matter, will it make a difference a year from now? If not, don’t waste your time worrying about it.

3. Reduce your commitments: Women often find it difficult to say no when people demand too much of them. Pick up a notebook and examine your average week. What are you doing for others that you can release yourself from so that you can free up time for your children and yourself instead?

4. Take time out for your needs: If you desperately have to take a nap because you’re tired, do it. Otherwise you will be so exhausted and bad-tempered you might actually end up taking it out on your child. That ten-minute catnap, or hour-long afternoon snooze, will make all the difference. Look after your body—that means exercise!— and your mind. Your kids won’t mind, and even if they do, they will grow up to understand what you went through.

5. Get him to help: They are your husband’s kids too, aren’t they?

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