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'Whatever I do-comes straight from my heart': Adhyayan Suman

Thursday, May 16, 2019
By Chaitanya Padukone

Talented Bollywood actor and singer Adhyayan Suman is emotionally ecstatic, since his latest music-video ‘Soniyo 2.0’ has proved to be a digital sensation having crossed over six million views and racing towards seven. Not just singing, debonair dude Adhyayan has also written and directed the music video. For this ‘single’, he has singled out the gorgeous ‘Splitsvilla-11’ contestant Maera Mishra as his both on-screen and real-life ‘lady-love’. As his crowning glory, his vocal talent been highly appreciated by mega-star-singer Sonu Nigam, who had sung the original ‘Soniyo’ track for the movie ‘Raaz’ (2009) which then was picturised on suave Suman Jr.

The Afternoon D&C connected with the articulate Adhyayan for a tete-a-tete. Excerpts:

Your ‘Soniyo-2.0’ music video is more like a mini-movie with all its film-centric romantic features. Isn’t there a movie-director in you, waiting to leap out?
You are absolutely right. It has always been my burning ambition to achieve super-success as an actor, singer, writer and then a film-director. By God’s grace and the supporting-affection of my loyal fans, there is now a cheering, dazzling light at the end of my career-tunnel, like in one of the scenes from ‘Soniyo 2.0’.

Please continue…..    
When I record and shoot my own songs they cannot be superficial and just glossy. There needs to be a soul in it and a strong audience-emotional connect all through the audio-visuals. ‘Soniyo 2.0’ for me is all about ‘soul-mates’, being madly in love and then you get to know your ailing-beloved is being hounded by death. Acting being my first love, I am first a fine actor, then a cool singer and then a innovative entrepreneur running my own trending ‘YouTube’ channel “AS”.

Since multi-talented icon Kishore Kumar is among your major inspirations, aren’t you also planning to become a ‘composer’ of original songs?
Definitely, why not? The only hitch is, as of now, I have not been inspired enough, to compose my own songs. It has to come from within. It will surely happen someday. Although, I am not trained in that creative craft, music is my ardent passion. Whatever I do it comes straight from my heart.

Besides movies and music-videos, aren’t you open to acting in and hosting TV shows (like your famous dad Shekhar Suman) or being part of web-series casts, which is in vogue, these days?
If there is any exciting opportunity in showbiz which turns me on, I am always game for it. As an actor in Bollywood movies for a decade, I have always craved for the right work-opportunities. Even though I was tagged a star-kid, I have worked very hard. But then we are all remote-controlled by destiny (laughs). Not many people know that I am a ‘restaurateur’ as well.

Any dream-wish to ‘direct’ your actor-dad Shekhar Suman in future?
Of course, the day I have a great script that will bring out my dad’s untapped histrionic talent, it will happen. Together we will create showbiz history.

What is your current equation with your ‘good friend’ Maera Mishra?
Hmm, I prefer to call Maera a great loyal friend, a precious support and then ‘Soniyo 2.0’ wouldn’t have been possible without her.

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