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UniTED we stand, to deliver a nayi soch: Shah Rukh Khan

Monday, October 09, 2017
By Chaitanya Padukone

In keeping with its dynamic tradition of re-inventing the grammar of conventional television entertainment, Star India helmed by  the innovative CEO Uday Shankar, brings in yet another deviating ‘Hindi’ TV show with ‘TED Talks India Nayi Soch’ hosted by debonair ‘hot-star’ Shah Rukh Khan. In a global first collaboration, that will make inspiring ideas easily accessible to home-audiences across India, Star Plus ‘unites’ with TED !  The charismatic Chris Anderson, Head of TED had specially flown down to Mumbai to participate in the historic talk series synergy. Incidentally the acronym TED  stands for ‘Technology, Entertainment, Design’,  a revered media outfit which  frequently  posts mostly motivational talks on global internet for free distribution. Based out of Canada and US, TED  has been active over the past three decades.  Afternoon D & C connected with the dimpled ‘King of Romance’, articulate  Shah Rukh Khan, who has the ‘gift of the gab’, which in turn grabs attention, whenever he addresses any audience.

Have you always been inquisitive in your pursuit of knowledge?
 Yeah, right from my childhood, like maybe ’curious George’ or the curious cat’, I have nursed this constant curiosity  to acquire maximum knowledge and sharpen my wits. From my parents, my school friends, my teachers and my neighbourhood buddies.  Even now,  when people use words-phrases that are beyond my comprehension. Like this word ‘eclectic’ which CEO Uday Shankar used, still baffles me . But being an actor, I am able to pretend, that I have understood, by nodding or verbally acknowledging.  But I had this habit of referring to dictionaries or many years later when websites and net-surfing started I was regularly listening to Ted Talks.

Was connecting with TED Talks always helpful?
Maybe, at times it was unable to provide the precise information I was looking for. But listening to the male and female  TED speakers achievers-experts was and is always informative and mentally stimulating. And I still have this habit of viewing TED talks happening anywhere in the world.

You seemed overwhelmed after you were called to speak at TED-Vancouver?
That’s right, I am immensely grateful to both Chris and Juliet for inviting me to Vancouver (Canada ) in the recent past and  allowing me to speak there. Out there it was an eclectic, intellectual and wonderful gathering. Perhaps this was the greatest achievement of my whole acting career and 52 years of my life. Frankly, although I am a professional actor, I was extremely nervous. But  speaking to some of the best minds was itself an awesome oratorical experience.
What’s so special about  the Indianised TED Talks?   
This ‘TED Talks India Nayi Soch’  show which I will be hosting, will be in Hindi-Urdu with Indian sensibilities and will be ‘telecast’ on Star Channel. Conventionally, hitherto, the Talks have always been viewed on the digital-net medium. But here we are bringing it on television for the masses, which is a landmark step forward by the Star Channel. They will invite articulate speakers from a cross-section of our society to ‘share’ their unique ideas.  The  intelligent, inspiring yet entertaining Talks provide a huge platform for the smallest of ideas. As we all know, revolutionary changes and innovations  have all been expanded out of a ‘small idea.’ In the past, ‘Star’ had also given home-viewers this unique talk show ‘Satyamev Jayate’  anchored by Aamir Khan, which focused on sensitive social issues.

What will be  your precise role in this TV show?
Besides being its catalyst anchor, I will get to be ‘me’ in my true colours as a normal guy who once upon a time, came from Delhi. For the past 30 years, the masses have  related to me in versatile roles on-screen, but not really connected with the real SRK.

Besides being tagged as the ‘best stylized lover-boy’ on screen, I also feel I am ‘love personified’. And love is nurtured by small, simple ideas, goodness and warmth of ideas. But I have never done assignments for the love of money. It’s always the sentiment, the passion and the mission.

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