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True love is an emotional feeling from within: Palak Jain

Thursday, May 10, 2018
By Chaitanya Padukone

As the adage goes, fashion model-actress Palak Jain came, saw, and has already conquered the hearts of home-audiences in her telly-debut-break . In her riveting role as the  ‘sensitive corporate beauty’ Anushka Reddy in the ongoing Sony TV show ‘Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai’ in the 11p.m. slot. Afternoon D & C connected with this svelte,  effervescent actress on phone, while she was on location-shooting at a palatial bungalow in the Noida (near Delhi) zone. Excerpts :

How has the audience response been so far  to ‘Yeh Pyaar..’?
Our Sony TV show has caught on big-time and has elicited tremendous positive responses and love from home-viewers, it’s overwhelming. It’s so humbling that people ‘emotionally’ connect to our screen-characters and are  curious to know what happens next.

What makes your TV show unique?   
There is a nostalgic love-hate rishta track and also a modern, ‘take’ on pyaar-mohabbat and sentiments. Where the debonair hero Siddhant Sinha (played by Namit Khanna) is so pre-occupied with his nagging ambition to achieve success and fame in his legal profession that he hardly has any time for anything else. It showcases the shades  of  discreet love which are silent but palpable, unexpressed yet perceptible. My volatile yet vibrant relationship with Siddhant, is like ‘fire versus water’, where I represent the ‘water’ elements.  

What else ?    
Beyond this discreet romance there is an intriguing  ‘corporate’ battle undercurrent which exposes family politics, business rivalry and shrewd strategies. My sensitive character Anushka as well as Siddhant’s aggressive character both get drawn into this corporate whirlpool.    

Do you enjoy being in the midst of opulent, luxurious ambiance?  
Although, my affluent character Anushka prefers being simple, grounded, modest yet elegant, I personally enjoy shooting on the sets of the palatial ‘K.K.Mansion’. That’s because it’s ‘not’ a studio-set but an actual bungalow and it adds that ‘realistic’ touch. Audiences are also  loving the aristocratic yet artistic furnishing and classy décor.   

Besides your looks, viewers are also hooked on to your ‘expressive eyes’, even when there are no dialogues…
 Hey, that’s so morale-boosting and I am really grateful to my fans and audiences who are so observant. Credit also goes to our talented producer-writer Dilip Jha for sketching this amazing larger-than-life drama and my outspoken, tolerant yet endearing ‘sensitive’ character.  Even all my co-stars, including Namit and my  senior co-actors like Manish Chaudhari, who plays my business tycoon dad Krishna Kant Reddy so perfectly, deserve to be highly appreciated for their valued support in my performances.    

What is the social message conveyed to the youth, thru this show ?
When you genuinely love someone never take the relationship for granted. Lack of communication or indifference can prove detrimental. Try to reconcile differences and amicably patch up, instead of resorting to agonising break-ups. On a personal level I would emphasize that ‘true love defies definition, it’s an emotional feeling from within’.

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