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Thursday, November 08, 2018

De-light-ful, noise-less Diwali for TV stars
Gayatri Datar (‘Tula Pahate Re’)

Diwali is the festival of light that delights everyone. The atmosphere is auspicious. The activities like preparation of 'Kandeel', painting earthen lamps, preparation of 'Pharaal' are completed much in advance before Diwali. I help my mother in preparing 'Laddoos'. I like to draw 'Rangoli', but I don't like to burst crackers. I even try to deter those bursting crackers, because instead of wasting money in smoke of crackers, we can utilise for better purpose and indulge in gifts to all our daily-labour staff all around. My best wishes and Diwali greetings to everyone and all my fans.

Hardik Joshi
(‘Tujhyat Jeev Rangala’)

We have retained the age old tradition of getting up early in the morning on 'Narak Chaturdashi'. We get up early, our mother smears us with 'Uttane' ( a scented powder made of 5 ingredients, including sandalwood powder and turmeric) and gives us a massage-cum-bath). Then we go for temple- darshan. We used to burst a lot of crackers. But now a days we burst very few crackers, that too after Laxmi Puja. I wear traditional clothes during Diwali.

Shivani Bawkar
 ( Lagir Jhala Jee)

I anxiously await Diwali even today. In childhood my sister and I would compete to get up early and take the first ritual bath. I like 'Pharal' and 'Kanwale' is my most favoured snack. My mother also prepares the best 'Chiwda'. Since the past 7 years, shopping has become so easy due to the online system. Similarly, we offer greetings by Whatsapp and SMS to each other. But I feel that instead of this, we must personally meet all our dear ones or at least speak to them over the phone.

Bhagyashri Limaye
 ('Ghadge and Suun')

Usually I am away from my home due to continuous shoots. But during Diwali, I get a chance to visit my home. During my stay at home, I relish 'Pharaal' (Diwali snacks) prepared by my mother. But one thing I would like to add here is that the air gets polluted due to fire-crackers. Pets and children are scared of the intense sound of the crackers. So lets welcome auspicious Diwali, sans crackers.

Mrinal Dusanis
('Sukhachya Sarini – He Man Bawre')

Diwali is special to me because of illumination of lights. Now the ways of Diwali celebration have changed. All I can say is that do not burst crackers which would increase noise and air pollution and could be injurious to health.

Samruddhi Kelkar
('Laxmi Sadaiv Mangalam')

Since childhood I always anxiously await the Diwali festival. I like to celebrate Diwali in the traditional way. I used to prepare Kandeels for Diwali in my childhood. Since I am from Thane, I remember the huge crowds that gather at Ram Maruti Road, Talao Pali on 'Narak Chaturdashi'. The atmosphere is absolutely happy and everyone enjoys it. Lets celebrate a pollution-free Diwali.

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