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Star Mompreneur Tara Sharma to return with The Tara Sharma Show Season-5!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Her name rightly describes the personality of this beauty! ‘Tara’ translates to ‘Star’ in English and that’s what this actress is, by name, by profession, in business and last but not the least, as a devoted Mum too! How talented do you think this star is, when you know that Television has been bringing on air an eponymous series, that has been named after Bollywood star, Tara Sharma. What most of you may not quite be aware of, is that Bollywood is just one side to the 39 year old star! To be noted is that Tara is not just a Page-3 actress, but also an entrepreneur, a co-producer, the host of the series ‘The Tara Sharma Show’, and a multifaceted Mom! Why we call her a devoted Mom is because the actress believed that the bonding with her children would be enhanced with her self-created show, that has completed an informative four seasoned series which witnessed eminent persons as well as experts. Tara speaks to Cheryl Athaide in a detailed conversation...

What inspired your brainchild 'The Tara Sharma Show'?
Soon after my elder son was born, I didn't see myself getting the kind of acting work that  I wanted. I realised that I wanted to work but at the same time, didn't want to work with a job where I would have to leave my son alone for a long time. I wanted to be a hands-on Mum as well as work because I have always worked. I gave it a thought about what I could do wherein I could have family time and work. I have seen cooking shows, carpentry shows but I have never seen a show that's honest, funny, helpful about bringing up babies. So, I thought it would be great if I could bring about a show on my diary as a Mum. Before my playwright-Novelist Dad, Partap Sharma passed away, he always used to tell me, ''Never wait for the phone to ring with an offer. If something you want to do doesn't exist, create it.'' I turned my motherhood into a great career opportunity. With this show, frankly I have never been busier and it's very rewarding because it's my own creation and our show has guests like Virat Kohli, Farah Khan, John Abraham; so many famous as well as non celebs. Basically, I just thought of something that will be fun and what I'm passionate about, which is being a Mum, parenting and families.

Was it the main source of inspiration that brought you to the small screen?
Firstly, I'd like to say, it's a multi-platform show. So, Television is one part of it, but the show is very active digitally. So, I was very fortunate that my husband told me not to think of it as just Television, but a multi-platform series. So, I started writing a blog from which the show was born. In today's age, everything has to be multi-platform. My YouTube channel has 2 million views out of which a lot of the views are from all over the world. Issues like parenting, motherhood and families are universal. So, everyone is able to connect with such topics. I get comments from foreigners saying that they liked the show.

Is there a protocol that is followed? How do you decide on the theme?
The theme, I get from my audience. The show is on air for four months and the rest of the year, I'm constantly listening and talking to people about what they would like to watch on the show. I do my research on social media, Taking a step ahead, I ask people online what topics would they like. I see trending topics and have these discussions with other Mums. It is my viewers, audience and social media interactions that help me choose our theme.

Would the episodes be sort of coaching sessions for couples towards being doting parents?
Well, I try to be non-preachy. I don't look at the show as giving tips or as a handbook to parents. It's more like a platform to discuss topical family, parenting, women and children's issues with a view to help bring about positive change. The experts speak on major points, which, I believe can help the audience. Importantly, it's a platform to share views and let people know that they aren't alone. For instance, if we talk about postpartum depression, somebody in the audience would feel reassured to know that they aren't alone and it can be worked upon peacefully.

Is it only eminent personalities who are invited to the show?
There are non-celebs too. The celebrity element would help because many people have celeb role models. If an individual takes a celeb to be his or her role model, that person would want to know the view points of the celeb. As for the non celebs, they are experts or just parents who are free to share their opinions that could alert the audience on many situations.

The auction for positive change, is it a move towards donation for child care?
So, we ask each of our celebrity guests to auction a piece of Pepperfry furniture for a cause of their choice, be it helping underprivileged children or any other. I am trying to explore the best way in which we can make an impact, which is why I have brought in the charity angle.

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