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Satya Devi is a highly relatable character: Neelu Vaghela

Thursday, October 04, 2018
By Chaitanya Padukone

Ever since it commenced telecast, popular  Sony TV  show ‘Main Maaike Chali Jaaungi’ has caught the fancy of family audiences. Interestingly, that’s the filmy song phrase with which the prolific, spunky TV actress  Neelu Vaghela’s  savvy lawyer character ‘Satya Devi’  who fondly threatens her husband. The ongoing family-comedy-drama show is telecast at 8:30pm every Monday to Friday on Sony TV. Afternoon D & C met up with the exuberant Neelu Vaghela for an interesting  conver-session. Excerpts:

Did you diligently prepare for the role of ‘lawyer’ Satya Devi?
Satya Devi’s role is indeed  fantastic. I have never played such a distinct role before in my career. Satya Devi is an intriguing character as she exhibits different qualities as a caring mother and a lawyer as well. She is very attached to all 3 of her daughters and at the same time is also focused on her career. Honestly, I did not have to prepare as such for Satya Devi’s role in ‘Main Maaike Chali Jaungi’ . It’s a highly relatable social character—there is a Satya Devi in almost every home.

Isn’t it true that you were inspired by Kareena Kapoor’s filmy character ?        
That’s right. I was highly inspired by Kareena Kapoor from her landmark role of a lawyer in the movie ‘Aitraaz’. I watched the movie several times to understand her mannerisms, way of speaking and her distinct body language as a lawyer. I have tried my best to do justice to the role of Satya Devi and I hope that the audiences love the dual character of a loving, over-protective mother and a responsible lawyer.

What’s so unique about your dramatic-comical show ‘Main Maaike ...’?
 The show set in beautiful Bhopal city is a very different take on the relation between a mother and a daughter. Also how the mother’s over intrusiveness in her daughter’s life creates comical and difficult situations in the couple’s life.

The show title is very tantalising i.e ‘Main Maaike Chali Jaungi’, could you share with  us about any real life incidents where you used this line?
(Smiles) Though I hail from Rajasthan, my Maaika is in Dubai. I used to threaten my husband jokingly that if he doesn’t listen to me ‘Toh Main Maaike Chali Jaaungi’. When I got to know about the show title we both couldn’t stop laughing! It was such an amazing co-incidence that we were besides ourselves with joy.

What are your views about the institution of marriage and todays generations outlook towards the same?
In the show Satya Devi has gone through a lot, so she always talks about equality between men and women. In today’s time, I feel people in a way are not being able to understand the different nuances of the institution of marriage. They should understand that marriage is not about one person adjusting all the time, both the parties must adjust mutually and make it a successful partnership. Only expecting the lady to adjust doesn’t make it a fair arrangement.
How has been your experience working with your young co-stars?
All my co-stars are very caring and we share a great bonding with each other. Working with them is a wonderful experience. My on-screen daughters are simply amazing and whenever we are together we ensure to have a blast. Srishti is a very caring person and I always look at her as my own daughter. The entire set has become one big family.

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