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Popular TV actors share their fondest childhood memories on Children's Day

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Neha Saxena
I have two memories of my childhood. Since I have elder sisters, I was always  pampered by them. We studied in the same school, so during lunch breaks I would meet them and they would buy me ice-creams and chocolates. Not only that, but my sisters, friends would also pamper me. Another, memory which I cherish is with my mother. As a kid, once I demanded to go to Goa to meet my aunt and wanted to travel by flight, which my mom fulfilled. Today when I look back, I realise what efforts my mom as a single parent would have taken back then. So, it’s a memory that will always be close to my heart."

Nitin Goswami
“I was a prankster in school. I was an active sports boy, as well. I used to like playing sports like cricket, football etc. and win matches. I was encouraged to play sports by my family and teachers. Those memories are still fresh. It was so much fun.

Saumya Tandon
I was a very sensitive child who used to ask questions about everything and watch things very closely. I hardly remember playing with dolls. When I was 6, I remember our servant used to stay in our outhouse with his wife. I still remember the day when my friendly neighbour (an airline pilot) was getting married, I was so excited to attend his wedding, wearing a lovely dress and while we were getting ready, we were shocked to hear that the servant lost his life and I saw his wife and kid crying. I was so confused about what life is all about. I couldn’t decide if I should go to the neighbour's wedding, that’s when I wrote my first ever lyrical lines on paper. That made my parents realise that I had a poet hiding in me. I started writing. All the poems I wrote between the age of 6 to 16 have been published and I was nominated for several awards too.

Ankit Gera
As a child, I remember that I was never interested to go to school, so my mom and dad would drag me to school. But now that I have grown up, I think my shooting schedule is similar to school as we have to wake up on time and you can’t really miss going to a shoot. As a kid, we used to think that going to school is the toughest thing in life but as you grow up you realise that those are the fondest memories you have of your childhood. Also, now that I am an actor, I keep travelling around the world but I miss the time when my dad would take us out to hill stations and spend quality time. The feeling that parents used to take us and eat out together is the best feeling in the world. But now I am busy and I really miss all of it.”

Priyank Purohit
I was a prankster in my childhood. I loved playing pranks and teasing people. But I had elder sisters, who made sure that I am a disciplined child. They would not only roll their eyes at me but I would also get occasional whippings from them for the mischievous pranks I played. But now, I realise that all that has helped me be more disciplined. Honestly, I am still scared of my sisters!

Farnaz Shetty
I have a lot of memories from my childhood. But one of the very fond memories is my first 'pet dog' that I rescued from the road. I would play with him, feed him and take care of him. And as a child I remember rescuing a lot of pets and taking care of them.

Simran Kaur
When I was 12, I went for an audition and got selected as the voice for Nobita in cartoon series 'Daemon' . That was the turning point of my life and the next day when I went to school, I received an all-rounder award and an academic achievement award from my school principal. It came as a surprise to me. And I felt thrilled and excited to see happiness and joy on my parent's faces. That was truly the golden period of my childhood.”

Yukti Kapur
As a child I would wait for summer vacations because my cousins used to come to visit us and our favourite spot, then used to be Appu Ghar (amusement park) in Jaipur. I was very sporty and loved playing so everyday I would leave the house at 4 pm in the evening and play late till 8 'o clock. Another memory I have is of my Nani’s. I love my Nani a lot, she is my best friend and I share everything with her. As she is a Kashmiri, I loved the kind of food she used to make and I remember how I would just look forward to visiting her house, only to devour such delicious food!

Vivian Dsena
I was active in sports, even in school. I used to play football and used to win always. The winning streak foundation was laid in school only. I was always encouraged to play sports with my family and teachers.

I remember playing football in my area as well as school and those memories are still fresh. Children's Day meant a lot of fun activities in school and it was one of my favourite days in school.

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