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It’s okay not to be perfect, but never ever give up: Kanika Mann

Thursday, September 13, 2018
By Chaitanya Padukone

The latest fiction tantalizing treat from Zee TV  called  ‘Guddan…Tumse Na Ho Paaega’, aims to encourage home-viewers to brush aside skeptical  spoilsports.  Instead it prods you on to cultivate a ‘yes I can possibly do that!’ attitude. What makes the  maverick show unconventional is that it will be a  rebel role reversal to the typical saas-bahu relationship.  The 20-year-old pretty ‘Guddan’,  is played by charming Punjabi music video model-actress  Kanika Mann. This show premiered  last week on Monday, and is being  aired every Monday to Friday at 8pm on Zee TV channel, whose new creative Business Head is the dynamic Aparna Bhosle. The Afternoon DC connected with the charismatic Kanika for a candid chat: Excerpts:

Tell us what’s  unique about  ‘Guddan…Tumse Na Ho Paaega’?   
It’s the light-hearted yet quirky  story of a  young adult girl, Guddan — played by me (smiles). Having bumbled and fumbled through most of her life and being told by her own family that she can never get anything right, she finds herself becoming India’s youngest mother-in-law . That too to three older vivacious  daughters-in-law----by a twist  of bizarre circumstances.

Doesn’t  this story have social shock-value?   
It certainly has positive shock-value yet frothy  entertainment value as well . Especially since,  It will be a daring dramatic role reversal to the typical saas-bahu relationship as three daughters-in-law set out in search of a suitable young bride for their 40-year-old (widower) father-in-law Akshat (played by suave actor Nishant Singh Malkani). They  get him married to 20-year-old Guddan (shrugs).
Will there be an elderly ‘buzurg’ family character to regulate the tradition-defying bahuranis?
Yes of course, we have the dignified  (my Saas) Daadi Maa character played by Daljeet  Soundh who will reconcile herself to changing times, yet be the guiding moral driving-force.

How different is Kanika from Guddan?
Honestly,  colourful Guddan and I have a lot in common. Except that in real-life I ‘hate’  wearing heavy facial ‘make-up’ .I can closely relate to the various challenges  she faces on a daily basis. Be it college, workplace or any other social encounters, we meet people who are constantly finding ways to humiliate us.  The gritty Guddan is  determined  to achieve the extraordinary — is what makes her so unique, flamboyant, bubbly yet  charming.  This is my first TV show in the title-role lead and I consider it to be a huge blessing also because it’s on Zee.

Do you have any ego-clashes with your three beautiful bahuranis?
Off-screen, we share warm vibes and friendly  bonding. But  on-screen we are playing our one-upmanship roles and their fashion-savvy characters are vivacious yet scheming  .There is Shweta Mahadik cast as Durga, Sehrish Ali  playing Laxmi and Rashmi Gupta in the role of Saraswati. Family audiences, especially ladies are already hooked on to our  social-thriller TV show

What is the subtle social message thru your character in this bohemian TV show ?   
As our talented, innovative writer-director Ved Raj (‘Shoonya Square’) who helms our TV show puts it, that it’s okay to have one’s flaws and not be perfect . We need to be immune to detractors and have an optimistic and resilient spirit that lets us conquer and achieve what we consider as next-to-impossible.

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