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'If my looks have a jhalak of Ranveer Singh - it's purely coincidental': Krrip Kapur Suri

Thursday, August 31, 2017
By Chaitanya Padukone

Macho model-turned-TV actor Krrip Kapur Suri is known for his remarkable roles of Vardhan in Channel V’s Sadda Haq and Raahukaal in Savitri and Ravi in Kalash. Like most newcomers without a Godfather, Krrip also came from Delhi to Mumbai to make it big in showbiz. But before he fulfilled his glam-mission, he went through what he calls as ‘A  frustrating, gruelling, yet enlightening struggle’. The otherwise lovable dude Krrip is currently making waves as ‘Adhiraj’ the beastly ‘anti-hero’ with a nasty, streak in the ongoing daily TV show ‘Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre’ on Zee  TV in the prime time 7pm slot from Mon to Fri. The Afternoon D&C cornered the exuberant Krrip for an engaging chat

How is the public response to your nasty, ‘pathhar-dil’ role of ‘Adhiraj’ opposite the endearingly pretty newbie actress Yesha Rughani?
It’s very encouraging. Home-viewers may hate my crude, rude, khadoos, emotion-less character, but they are loving my freak-out  performance as an ‘anti-hero’. Somehow, audiences seem to positively connect with my negative-shades screen-characters (laughs).

What is so special about this Zee daily soap  ‘Jeet Gayi Toh...’?
Produced by the eminent couple Jay and Kinnari Mehta, it’s a lavish Indian interpretation of the popular folklore ‘Beauty and the Beast’ set against the backdrop of a long-standing Rajasthani small-town family feud. Despite the animosity between the families, fate takes an unfortunate turn and the Chauhans are forced to get their daughter Devi (Yesha) married to Adhiraj ( that’s me)  the youngest spoilt-brat son of the Rajawats.
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The show captures the journey of a pragmatic, daring ‘Devi’ who never-gives-up and is stubborn when it comes to achieving her mission. She is not driven by destiny but is determined to write her own script and tame the ‘beast’ of her life. Rather than wait for a Prince Charming to rescue her. Armed with a firm resolve, she sets out to turn ‘Adhiraj’ from a beast into the husband of her dreams.  The volatile face-off scenes between Devi and me are the highlights of the show.

Did you accept the wicked, negative beastly  ‘Adhiraj’ role instantly?
As a professional, passionate, hardworking actor, I evaluate the quality and depth of the lead role and the challenge it offers to my acting talent. If I have false fastidious tantrums I might as well work in a call-centre—which I know I cannot. My loyal fans unconditionally love me for whatever I perform. It’s the ‘anti-hero’ characters that become memorable in movies as well as on TV. But off-screen, I am a cool, romantic  gentleman with a sense of witty humour.

Is there a strong social message in this TV show?
Hmm yes. In today’s times, we often have marriages leading to a bitter divorce. Nobody has the patience to invest in a marital relationship and make it really work. With this show, we hope to reinstate the ‘sanctity of marriage’.  Determined ‘Devi’  is one such young bubbly bride whose dreams come crashing when she gets trapped in a loveless marriage. But instead of giving up hopes, she decides to tame the ‘devil’ in her life and make him an ideal man-husband of her dreams.

Comment on your  uncanny resemblance to actor Ranveer Singh?
Frankly, I am a great admirer of Ranveer for his energetic performances. But then I don’t agree that there is any resemblance. Maybe because of  my long hair, macho beard, twirling moustache and swagger, people may have felt that jhalak—which is purely coincidental. Over the past decade, I have evolved my own original looks and distinct acting style (shrugs).

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