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Financial independence of wives, often leads to marital discord’: Ketaki Chitale

Thursday, October 05, 2017
By Raju Venekar

Of late, married women are quite often financially independent. That is one of the major reasons which has caused more marital dissension, feels popular, charming film and TV actress Ketaki Chitale, currently playing the lead role in Marathi TV serial 'Tuza Maaza Breakup' (Zee Marathi). She had a candid exclusive conversation with The Afternoon D & C. Excerpts:

Do you enjoy your role in TV show 'Tuza Maaza Breakup'?
Of course. It’s fun to portray this role which is close to reality. It is a romantic drama, dealing with the breakup and love story. Both the lead actors, fall in love, get married and soon they separate. But after some time they are drawn towards each other and decide to reunite.

But don’t you agree that finally marriage is a sacred institution?
That’s true. But today women are more financially independent. Hence such ego-clashes and marital discord incidents do occur. Earlier women used to raise their voice only if there was domestic abuse. But now women think independently and have their own strong opinion about almost everything.

But then why does the 'estranged' couple wish to reunite in this TV soap?
It is human nature. One is bound to feel isolated when alone. Finally who would not want to have a sustainable marriage ?

Which other TV soaps you have acted in ?
There are quite a few and include: 'Ambat Goadd' (as Aboli) ( Star Pravah), 'Lagori-Maitri Returns' (as Anushka) (Star Pravah), 'Tuzya Vaachun Karmena' (as Surabhi) (Colors Marathi), 'Ithech Taaka Tammbu' (as Mallika) (Zee Yuva), and 'Saas Bina Sasural' (Hindi) (as Dimple Sharma) (Sony TV)

Which one of your TV roles you loved the most ?
I liked my role as 'Mallika' in 'Ithech Taka Tammbu', a fun and entertaining show on 'Zee Yuva'.

What about feature films ?.
Some time back, I had a role in Marathi film 'Bhobho', based on animal issues. It was a suspense filled film, written and directed by Bharat Gaikwad. The dog has always remained the best friend of man and there are many examples to prove his loyalty. But, what if a pet dog is alleged to be a ‘criminal’ for the  ‘murder’  of his owner? This was depicted in this film.

As an actress, whom would you like to emulate?
I aspire to be like Helena Bonham Carter, the English actress. She displays abundant variety in her acting and can play different versatile characters. Her performance in e films including 'Arthouse' and 'The King’s Speech' and her role as British author Enid Blyton in the TV film 'Enid' (2009) was so remarkable.

Have you acted in dramas-plays ?
At present I am concentrating only on 'Tuza Maaza Breakup' due to contractual obligations. Earlier I had essayed a role in Marathi play 'Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye', a series based on 5 different stories written by 5 different writers.

Do you read Marathi literature?
Yes. often, I do read Marathi novels, stories etc. like P. L. Deshpande’s fiction 'Mhaisa', (based on confusion, created by a buffalo, which stumbles on an ST bus, on its way to Mumbai from Ratnagiri), I like it and I have read it many times.

Do you feel, you have merited enough recognition in your career ?
To some extent yes. During the days of 'Ambat Goadd', I availed off half day leave consecutively for two days and visited a mall. On the second day of my visit, a security woman asked me are you coming for shopping daily? I was annoyed, but was also elated that I am being recognised.

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