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'Digital web-watching craze is the inevitable future': Sakshi Tanwar

Thursday, April 11, 2019
By Chaitanya Padukone

With the crowning glory of the ‘Dangal’ movie mega-success behind her (she played Aamir Khan’s wife and screen-mother of tough wrestling champs daughters), charming seasoned TV superstar-actress Sakshi Tanwar (seen in various iconic TV shows including TV series ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’) seems to have plunged headlong into the digital web-series zone. In the recent past, the articulate Tanwar had appeared in the Anil Kapoor-starrer finite TV show ‘24’ and also donned the robes of a ‘kitchen queen’ hostess in a weekly TV show. Besides acting in a striking ‘ATC’ role in this recent Zee-5 thriller finite web series ‘The Final Call’, the versatile Sakshi plays this author-backed role in the ongoing widely-watched ALT Balaji Original web series ‘Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat’-3 (KTBM-3). The Afternoon D&C had an engaging conver-session with effervescent Sakshi. Excerpts:

What should the digital viewers expect in ALT Balaji ‘Karrle Tu..’-season -3?
Deviating from our previous track-record of loving each other on-screen, the flavour this time is the fireworks of ‘nafrat’ (hatred) in terms of volatile arguments and face-offs and estrangement. My co-star Ram’s character Karan ruthlessly hates me in this third season.

Please continue…
The level of repulsive vibes is so much that Ram’s superstar actor character tries every possible option to harass me or create difficult situations. And I have to calmly endure the badgering that I am forced to face. (smiles). Even I detest his curt conduct and the stern way he behaves with me.

What are the major changes in KTBM season -3?
As I already mentioned, the flavor is of friction and fury. Then there are new additional characters in pivotal roles. While Hiten Tejwani plays my buddy lawyer, there is Vatsal Seth as a popular dude actor and Karishma Tanna as the movie-producer and of course this talented child artiste who plays my super-smart inquisitive daughter and adds to the tensions. Season 3 is a rollercoaster of unpredictable twists and turns in the story. We have been receiving a tremendous positive response from our ardent fans.

Surely your loyal TV show fan-base must be missing you in daily soaps?
Of course they do. When I meet people at events, they ask as to why they see me only in TV commercials and why not in TV serials (smiles). But then I tell them to check me out in my web-series they are delighted. In the past I have done some of the longest-running TV shows that went on for several years and home-viewers were addicted to our popular iconic screen-characters.

Have you fully aligned yourself to the digital medium?
Honestly, I am enjoying myself being part of the digital net-zone and it fits perfectly in my career-calendar. Web-series allows you to balance your acting options. In a limited, finite span one can experiment with different roles. Being a versatile actress this creative liberty really gives me optimum satisfaction. It’s like doing stretched-out feature films with in-depth depiction and flexibility of characters. Already my entire staff and even the building security guards regularly watch web-content on their cell-phones. Even in public transport and cabs one finds most commuters checking out web-shows. This is where the future lies, it’s inevitable.

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