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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Kehte hain ki, agar kisi cheez ko puri shiddat se chaho, toh puri kainaat usse tumhe milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hain...this proved absolutely true for 19-year-old Farhan Sabir, winner of Voice India Season-2; Team Shaan. The Delhi-based aspiring singer, who was keen on wanting to become a successful singer someday, changed his family's fate with his dedication to singing and music when he won a prize amount of Rs.25,00,000, by first singing at a local cafe in the capital, and  battled it out with equally talented contestants, as he shared the stage with well-known Indian musicians. He speaks to Cheryl Athaide about the journey...

Hearty congratulations on the proud win. Tell us, how did you decide to choose singing of all the things to do, when it came to financially supporting your family?
Thank you so much. There are a lot of reality shows on television, but I felt this was something different, I felt the format was unique and there is a lot of scope on this show. I was so happy when I gave my auditions in Delhi and got selected for the auditions in Mumbai. I went ahead with working at a cafe in Delhi because I knew singing is something I can do well and it would help me take care of my family. I always wanted to be a singer. My family was not really fine with the fact that I was working in a cafe, but I knew this would take me somewhere. I was studying as well as focussing on singing. It was when my father's health deteriorated; he had a  brain tumour when I decided to give a break to studies after Grade 10 and took up the job.

Was singing a passion right from the start?
I come from a family with a music background. I have members in my family who are musicians like my father and brother. My father is great at music. But, we never had any singers in the family. So it feels really good to reach this point. It was a real struggle; being a part of the Mumbai auditions was not easy.

Would you want to take up singing as career? Will you continue to study further?
Yes. Singing is not like a hobby for me, but 'Junoon' (craving) I will say. It's my passion. For me it is like, all I have is singing. I am here because of it.
Education is equally important for me just as singing is. My priority is to study and fulfill my family's needs before making my career.

If it was not for singing and The Voice India, what was the alternate career option?
I wanted to fulfill my father's dream. He wished to see me become a successful singer, which is why I am here today.
 I had also decided, it will be only singing if I have to go ahead. Had my fate been different, just like I worked hard to reach here, I would put in the same hard work elsewhere too.

A message to aspiring singers.
I would just want to say, love music with all your heart. The amount of time and interest you put into the art, double is the amount of success it will show you. It is something you only relax when you hear it. It has the power to keep one far from worries. The journey is going to be full of struggles but don't give up.

Would you still want to go back and continue singing at the cafe?
I won't continue working there, but I sure will go and dedicate a song to the team and visitors at the cafe, because it was from there that I got major support.

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