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'Darna manaa hai - it's a mystic romance, where I am on a love-mission': Gaurav Chopraa

Thursday, June 20, 2019
By Chaitanya Padukone

When you verbally drop the name Aghori it tends to trigger an image of fear, intrigue and mystique in our mind. Simply because not much is known about this reclusive cult of sadhus who are spotted mostly at pilgrimage temple locations One's instant visualization of an Aghori is that of an ash-smeared man with intense eyes, sporting matted dreadlocks, holding human skulls, wearing skeleton bony-necklaces while reciting holy verses of Shiva and spirituality. Produced by EsselVision this maverick TV show Aghori with a marquee cast of macho hunks versatile Gaurav Chopraa and Parag Tyagi, charming Simran Kaur and the dusky vivacious Poulomi Das and several others will premiere on 22nd June and air every Saturday and Sunday at 9.30 pm on Zee TV. The Afternoon D&C connected with the rugged Gaurav Chopra for a free-wheeling candid interview. Excerpts.

You have been declining new TV shows acting offers for the past couple of years?
Hmm, quite true, after my stint in ‘Bigg Boss-10’, I was hounded with over a dozen TV shows offers, but none of them excited me. Frankly I didn’t want to go through that déjà vu feeling of haven’t-I-done-that-before .

Please go on …
For the past two and a half years I have been more busy doing four web-series, a theatre-play (‘Devdas’). In fact I have played a wide variety of versatile characters. Being cast in a TV show is pre-destined. Honestly, I feel I was destined to play this character Advik in ‘Aghori on Zee TV. For me Zee TV is like sentimental home-ground, as my initial career phase TV shows were with Zee. This is a different bohemian romantic role in a fictional TV show with that mystic undercurrent. It’s neither a super-natural nor a horror-show.

What’s so challenging about your ‘Aghori’ role?
Because it’s an intense never-before exciting role where as Advik, I am an orphan who is brought up by this empathizing Aghori Rudrananth (rugged actor Parag Tyagi) and inducted into their Aghori cult-sect. Then Rudranath sends me on a secret scheming mission to get romantically entangled with this beautiful girl Kamakshi (Simran Kaur). That’s because he wants to attain immortality and he needs the supreme sacrifice of Kamakshi. My character Advik faces a critical emotional dilemma when Kamakshi genuinely falls in love.

Some home-viewers may hesitate to watch this show because of the bizarre title?
No, not at all. Once they watch the amazing promos-trailers of ‘Aghori’ their biased false fears will fully vanish. It’s basically also a warm romantic love-story which has this back-drop of Aghoris. It’s definitely not a docu-drama on Aghoris. There is so much of entertaining family-drama, comedy, romance, emotions, tough action-scenes and the intriguing looks. You need to remember that I am also playing a normal human being who is courting ‘Kamakshi’.

You have also acted in a top-grade Hollywood movie and also a style-icon. Out here as ‘Advik’ you are also appearing ‘bare-chested’?
It was my honour and privilege that the iconic Hollywood star Leonardo Di Caprio was a co-star in that movie ‘Blood Diamond’ where I played a French journalist. Honestly, I don’t get time to indulge in fitness work-outs with the hectic shooting schedules. If my fans feel that I have a ‘wow’ macho physique, I will accept their appreciation gracefully.

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