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Close Up - Amit Bhanushali

Thursday, April 12, 2018

The TV shows that made you really popular.
Aapke Aa Jaane Se (Zee), Kaali (Star Plus) and Mann Udhan Varya Che (Star Pravah).

What would you have been if not an actor?
Air-Force Pilot.

What is the one thing you expect the most on a date?
It has to be romantic. Nothing more matters to me other the two of us focussing on making it an ideal date.

Your favourite snack while eating out in Mumbai.
Missal Pav and Vada Pav.

If you ever lose your cell phone...
I had lost it once, but tracked it down and found it within three hours. Or buy a new one, ‘cos there is no life without cell phone.'

What do you find most embarrassing?
Being a Rajput, nothing embarrasses me more than not keeping up to my verbal commitments!

The one thing you would like to drastically change about Mumbai?
The traffic.

The actress you would like to be marooned with, on an island.
The gorgeous Scarlett Johansson.

Your favourite holiday destinations in India and abroad.
Kashmir, Kerala, Paris and New Zealand, respectively.

Whom would you like to be cast opposite in a Bollywood debut?
Shraddha Kapoor and of course, Deepika Padukone.

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