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Close Up - Amisha Ahmed

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Which are the TV shows that made you really popular?
'Pavitra Bandhan' and now it’s 'Badho Bahu'.
What would you have been if not an actor?
I would've been a life counselor-coach. Because I always share knowledge with people.
What is that one thing you expect the most while going out on a romantic date from your partner?
Listening to chilling music with great vibes and sips of wine.
What is your favorite snack while eating out in Mumbai?
'Panipuri' of course --- as I simply love its spicy taste .
If I ever lose my cell­phone
Then I would be shocked and sad for sometime. But then,  I will buy a new one.
What do you find most embarrassing ?
Actually I find it so embarrassing,  that I don’t know what embarrasses me.
What is that one thing you would like to drastically change about Mumbai?
The traffic for sure, which is a frustrating experience sometimes.
Who is that one ‘hot’ actor you would like to be marooned on an island with?
Saif Ali Khan ---  as he's been my favourite actor since childhood.
Which are your favorite holiday destinations in India and abroad?
Manali (India)  and Australia (abroad)
Who would you like to be cast opposite in your Bollywood debut film?
Salman Khan, because he’s a dream star and I love his work a lot . It will change my life for sure. What else I can ask for,  after this?

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