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'A New Perspective to Love Stories'

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Among the fresh faces in the Marathi Television industry, newbie Hruta Durgule took forward her acting career with her passion for cultural programs and dance during college days, and like any other actor, the girl had her share of struggles before she successfully made it to the small screen. Starting off by playing the lead role in 'Durva' in which she played a politician for three years, she will now be seen playing the role of a lively personality in a love story in the show 'Phulpakharu' (Butterfly) that will be aired on channel Zee Yuva. Here is what the 23-year-old lass had to say in a conversation with Cheryl Athaide...

How did acting happen to you?
During college days, I enjoyed being a part of Cultural programs and dance, and it was during my second year of Mass Media that I realised that I wanted to act. I had been a part of theatre and of course since the start, it was a struggle. It sure wasn't an easy path. I gave auditions after which I acted in my first show 'Durva'. The show was on for three years and some months after which I was called to play a role in the current soap, 'Phulpakharu'.

What's with the name 'Phulpakharu'?
Well, the term 'Phulpakharu' means butterfly. I play Vaidehi Inamdar, is called so by her Dad because of her chirpy, cheerful and pleasant nature just like that of the insect that is known to be very colourful. She is a very caring and lovable personality. She leaves a mark wherever she goes. She is remembered fondly by those who meet her.

How would this love story be different from the usual romance genre stories on Television? What made you give a nod to the show?
The reason why I am so happy about doing the role is because it's being directed and produced by Mandarr Devasthali. He is a great human being. For me, it's going to be a privilege to be working with him. There is going to be a lot to learn from. I was lucky to have got a call from the production team. They had sent me the script, after which I gaveauditions and got selected. It's a beautiful and unique love story, and what makes it different is the way the male, my partner looks at the relationship. The story will bring the viewers a different side to how the present day love stories happen, according to me. The show will have a new perspective. The good part is also that I will be playing a girl of my age, hence making my job a little easy and I get the right feel and connect to her way of thinking.

What is the message that will be sent across to the audiences?
See, basically it's not just a love story. The show will also witness an interesting approach to relationships that will involve that of siblings, father-daughter, ones at the workplace, friends and so on. The viewers will see it for themselves. We don't want to give any kind of philosophy (Laughs).

Do you plan to take up acting as a career? You are aware of the stiff competition in the industry. Do you see yourself as a successful artiste/ actress five years down the line?
Yes, I want to take it forward as career. I believe that everyone has to go through a struggle before they get to their goal. It is difficult to sustain and be consistent in what you're doing, and I think that is called the real struggle.

I am trying my best to keep up to the same level of efforts and more of course, but it will take some time. I definitely see progress since I took off with my first show.

I won't say acting comes to me naturally, but I sure do put in my best to make my stints appear natural. I can't really say anything about five years later, but I'll just continue to be optimistic. I am not in a hurry, I'm really happy to be going at this pace.

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