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Wiring your home? Safety and comfort tips

Friday, September 15, 2017
By Property Team

Before you rewire your residence, it would be well worth your while to spend some time doing a little bit of research and planning before calling in the electrician

Indoors, outdoors, at home, at work … it's hard to name a place where electricity doesn't make our lives easier. It is virtually impossible for us to even imagine a lifestyle without electricity. Electricity runs our lights, our air-conditioners, our refrigerators and our wifi router ect. We even cook and clean with the help of electricity. Have you ever paid much attention to the means by which it reaches all our appliances? Yes we are talking about the wiring that is an integral part of every home today.

There are three basic methods of wiring – exposed, casing capping and concealed wiring. Exposed wiring is economical while casing capping is reasonable and concealed wiring is the most expensive. Regardless of the choice of the method, the quality of the wire used and the specifications of wire to be used for various purposes are extremely important to follow.

A few tips regarding electricity wiring to be kept in mind while designing various rooms
Bathroom: A light source, an exhaust fan and an electric geyser point usually cover the wiring requirements of this room. Make sure there is a plug point near the sink to connect to an electric razor or a hair dryer as the need arises.

Living room: Make sure you have the cable TV line put in, in advance if you want a TV in this room. In case you have a home theatre system, mark the positions of all the speakers, the location of the sub woofer and the music system and make sure that appropriate wires are used here. Take care that the positions of the lights, fans and the air-conditioner do not interfere with the positions of the speakers. The positions of the charging sockets will depend on your seating arrangement.

Kitchen: This room is perhaps the most complicated one for electrical wiring provision. The number of plug points needed depend upon the number and variety of electrical appliances you possess. Some of the common appliances that need plug points are refrigerator, oven, toaster and a mixer.

Bedroom: The electrical provision of this room again depends on your individual preferences. If reading in bed is your passion, you should invest in a good reading lamp mounted next to your bed.

Take Care of Extension cord
Extension cords should be used on a temporary basis only. They are not a permanent wiring solution. Have additional outlets installed where you need them. If you are using extension cords, make sure that they have safety closures to protect young children from shocks or mouth burns. Never use an indoor extension cord for outdoor use. Use an extension cord specifically for outdoors; they are heavier and less likely to be damaged.

Always make sure that your electrician is licensed to carry out the job. A little bit of planning goes a long way in making a house more comfortable and safe to live in.

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